Bootstrapping, convergent media bootcamps and summer school advising at UW-W

This semester, we are creating awareness. At the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, we are required to learn Adobe sound, video and advertising production software in a ridiculously short amount of time.

The UW-W curriculum in the communications field requires we learn the software in two weeks.

This is simply not possible. I need your financial support.

I am seeking $50,000 to start up a mobile workshop to help students succeed, especially disabled veterans dealing with brain injuries.

The expectation does not allow us the ability to concentrate on our other course work thus leading to dropping out.

Please scan the bar code and help us launch the next phase of Outpost 422.

Our mindfulness bootcamp teaches those dealing with Adobe stress, a scavenger hunt at the Wisconsin State Capitol that gives them hands on experience with developing a storyboard.

The storyboard shares details regarding assembling the story with Adobe instructions.

The boot camp shares the mindfulness journaling from the Building Blocks of Well-Being Certificate course providing a method of shorthand and interview methods.

The program lasts three weeks and preps those at Madison College for their UW transfer.

Portions of the funding will go to finishing the last course needed for the certificate, “Leading with Emotional Intelligence,” and the launching of our boot camp for a summer internship converging Madison College and UW-W into one practicum transfer experience surveying barriers for success along the way.

No student should be forced to drop out as a result of a overloaded curriculum. I have addressed my concerns with the dean of students and the chancellor.

We need financial support to make it happen.