Outpost 422 consortium independent study converges with Madison College honors literature review creating ‘social media fusion’ Next Gen presentation

By Brad Burt

Title: Freelance Backpack Journalist at Brad Burt Ad Hoc Ads and Copywriting Services

On Wednesday November 9, 2022, one year after giving a presentation regarding the stigma I have been dealing with in the veterans lounge in the Andersen Library, the journalism undergraduate consortium journey comes full circle at Madison College through Autumn Landmine Productions.

The topic: My ongoing academic barriers with UW Whitewater, who will not provide me the services of the VA VITAL program, which is an obstruction to my success.

UW Whitewater ignored my complaints with members of the Veterans and Servicemembers Organization’s invasion of my VA privacy through President Curtis Lemke.

Lemke attempted to negotiate these services without my consent.

The First Gen presentation shares the success I receive from Madison College, which takes place at the Intercultural Center at the Truax campus at 3:30 p.m.

The video connects the Madison College honors sociology literature review with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater independent study, which examines the variables with barriers and facilitators for success with veterans and servicemembers attending college, which declares the Hell is Warm on the Homefront 11th hour chaplain service be provided on all UW campuses for mandated reporting with academic abuse.

The patent builds communications fusion by evolving scientific keywords into live stream elements. The elements are the Gonzo-19 documentary published through the Autumn Landmine Productions YouTube Channel and the Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC WordPress branded websites through the Jaded Patriot Press newsroom at Outpost 422.

We are examining trauma bonding and diabolical rhetoric. We are spotlighting Machiavellianism as a lobby and corporate capstone class project.

The independent study Gonzo-19 capstone examines the barriers of stigma behind the scenes while the presentation shares the facilitators for success Madison College provided me through tabling events and hosting my Veterans Administration social worker services on campus.

Excerpt from Brad Burt Facebook, the pressroom for Brad Burt Ad Hoc Ads and Copywriting Services:
“Weird. One year later Madison College asked me to host a First Gen presentation regarding barriers, facilitators and stigma veterans face at the University of Wisconsin…” Visit the Brad Burt Facebook timeline to view entire post.

One year earlier, Madison College Phi Theta Kappa asked me if I could share my experience with dealing with Machiavellianism as an adult student veteran with disabilities.

The journey over the last year led to launching a POW MIA lobby through the “I Will Not Forget” campaign.

The road ahead begins Spring 2023, with the fusion of the honors project and independent study, the patenting of 11th hour diary rhetorical analysis on Clarion Radio at “Hell is Warm on the Homefront,” along with building convergent media backpack and citizen journalism workshops that connect those who deal with abuse find a way out from dealing with stigma.

The stigma variable connects all aspect of my barriers for success in college as a lived experience. The story is told through interactive documentary.

Stigma is found in passive aggressive communication academic abuse, which is the meta theme with the “Overcome Impossibility” tagline we use for helping our clients succeed.