Hell is Warm on the Homefront interactive podcast builds domestic abuse confessional for UW-W Fundraising for Charities 371 grant letter proposal

Excerpt from Management 371 Fundraising for Charities Proposal Letter

The Sacred Warrior Fellowship Inc., a virtual newsletter and community resource outreach support group agency, seeks a $10,000 grant for an interactive multimedia campaign.

The campaign featured profile is Christine Ann Schambow, who is the namesake of a credible gender non-exclusive domestic abuse awareness entity called the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services Inc.

The organization serves both the virtual community globally, with advocacy through its website, and the Oshkosh community locally through its Christine Ann Center, which provides sanctuary and counseling for domestic abuse survivors.

The grant will be used for establishing “Christine Ann Day,” which will develop over the course of one-year as a viral campaign. The campaign will provide a confessional for domestic abuse survivors to speak their truth.

The campaign tackles the origins of Machiavellianism, groupthink, gaslighting and narcissistic abuse through a program called, “Hell is Warm on the Homefront,” which is an interactive podcast and livestream Vimeo call to action supporting the advocacy of the Christine Ann Center in Oshkosh.

Collaboratively, through the legacy of Schambow, we are creating a global canvass and revitalization movement.