FINAL PROJECT Intro to Creative Enterprise 166: Envision your creative future

Creative empowerment takes the warrior out of the battle ready mindset and leaves the war behind. Outpost 422 is transitioning into the next phase, which is a civilian readjustment writing support group sponsored by the Sacred Warrior Fellowship Inc.


Bradley J. Burt

Intro to Creative Enterprise 166 Tues./Thurs. 6:30-7:45 p.m.

Prof. Michael Betker


Envisioning a creative future

The road ahead requires building a portfolio website as a reflection of the road left behind. Despite setbacks and letdowns, titles, hardships and hangups, at least the bittersweet taste of having a $0 balance appear for the FAFSA loan exit interview. Free is free.

One can’t complain unless the cost of freedom comes at the price of losing face. I fondly recall my first meeting with my advisor. Now, all I see is her grimace when she speaks my name. I stand by my vow never to mistreat someone who served. I promise I will take my Warhawk experience and empower veterans who are lost, like I was, with the lessons of creative enterprise.

The future will magnify and echo the values of fealty to my Constitutional oath. I served and continue to serve as a multimedia journalist. The feeling is surreal knowing I never have to step foot on a jobsite or a sweaty paper mill unless I choose. Freedom is a state of higher consciousness.

The creative future I want seeks enlightenment and pursuit of creativity in connection with my fullest potential. I vow never to cower in the face of adversity. My higher self aligns with emotional intelligence and stays grounded in each moment. Living in the moment is my strength.

In each moment, I have a breath. I have life. Creativity will manifest if I focus on each task and dedicate my focus to manifesting awareness as my guide. Creativity is mindfulness and mindfulness is innateness. Through innateness, I find the value of staying empowered with my higher creative consciousness.

I will dedicate my focus and make creativity my focal point by letting the creative energy flow and use concepts like meditation and physical fitness in conjunction with journaling or doodling. Self-care is the priority.

In five years, I will travel the world seeking opportunities for creative collaboration. I plan on building creative empowerment workshops that connect those who are unable to see their true potential with the means for creative alignment. Eventually, as one ecstatic brainstorm and project development, the group will select a leader or leaders who will keep each other united.

As a leader of leaders, I will use lessons learned for opening new horizons and open minds who remain shut. As I feel the cold shoulder exiting Heide Hall, the moment passes like a newly lifted fog. Judgement has followed me each day spent learning in a space that did not welcome me. I will use the pain for building projects for channeling my grief. The burden is heavy.

My memories of Heide Hall are jaded, which are the illumination of my Jaded Patriot Press. The pain can be easily lifted when writing feature stories. The features lifted me out of the pit of despair when I began writing.

Over the next five years, I will perfect my writing craft and distribute my grief, like a spell casting shadows over my career. I did not walk away with support. Only anguish and doubt for those coming up behind me transferring from Madison College.

In 10 years, I hope the world changes its ways and sees the value of the nontraditional stake. Over the next 10 years, I will vow to keep working diligently despite the low appraisal of those who never walked a mile in my shoes, or combat boots. I will build a new term called, “VetQuity,” which will require creativity for civilian reintegration at the local Vet Center or Veterans Affairs Hospital. I am 10 times better off than when I started.

I will use creativity to keep me illuminated and will encourage all to assess their creativity with the Myers Briggs questionnaire. Free college is the art of gonzo journalism. The jaded stake is the price we pay for enduring backlash when using our benefits. Like Author Kurt Vonnegut says, “So it goes.”

I will never waste a minute recalling a dismal moment at Heide Hall. Madison College will bring me back into revitalization. For my future, I will not let adversity beat diversity. I will see the value of all who are bright enough to call themselves intellectuals and bring comedy into my creative routine for nurturing and healing. Time heals all wounds.

My time spent on the battlefield was more welcoming than Heide Hall. My tour of duty is over. But the journey to building future proteges has only just begun. I will send more like me through the system who will come out Summa Cum Laude like I did. Overcome Impossibility.