The Outpost 422 registered trademark launches a new interactive podcast website called ‘Metal Cum Laude’

On Sunday May, 28, 2023, a brainstorm happened at the Rave during the Milwaukee Metal Fest event. A new approach to metal music is upon us honoring the achievements of those who attain academic success in the metal scene.

The show is called “Metal Cum Laude.” The goal for the show? Build a revitalization movement for those who want to broaden their horizon intellectually.

The show features the intellectual side of those who have a passion for post-secondary education and listen to metal. The name is trademarked as a new form of journalism called “interactive media.”

The podcast converges journalism and research writing with musicianship. The development of the brand offers tips and insights ranging from how to score an “A” to how to write a masterpiece ensemble.

Stay tuned here for more information. Keep checking back for updates.

All multimedia will be mixed and mastered through Autumn Landmine Productions.