Are you a service member or veteran and need help planning a path to graduation success? Outpost 422 is here for you


Welcome to Outpost 422, your academic distress support network. The website is here to serve as a beacon for those who are missing and feel lost on campus in the military and veteran community.

We are using G.I. Bill benefits to teach research strategies and use resilience and success as a navigation tool.

The registered trademark provides writing and research methodologies for profiling both public affairs and scientific research through the development of a virtual outreach and academic support group off campus.

For those who are visiting seeking information about the 1st Lt. Jerome A. Volk mobile coverage of his crash site, please be aware, we are handling a current crisis and have put the project on hold.

The future of EAP is here. Outpost 422 will help you locate a chaplain and a treatment center nearest you. Employee assistance is a safe alternative to working with the Veterans Administration.

We are still publishing the POW MIA issue here at Outpost 422 but have taken the necessary steps with incorporating the most recent Madison College honors literature review, which outlines barriers to success.

For us to relaunch the campaign, we need a team of investors and panel of investigators for project pilot support. The “I Will NOT Forget” campaign is developing into a convergent media form of academic reporting.

The goal for the campaign seeks placing the needs of those in academic distress first by offering an outlet with investigating the POW MIA issue for developing strategies with academic success. The campaign is an interactive ongoing publication keeping our community informed so that all who are still missing will not be forgotten.

Eventually, once the next phase of the Outpost 422 registered trademark enters the support group phase, we will have a monthly newsletter tracking Volk’s last known whereabouts and how we as scholars can provide hope to families of the missing by providing transparency through publication.

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Veterans and servicemembers overcome many obstacles outside of what traditional students experience. At Outpost 422, we are combining researching the POW MIA issue with academic research to create a pathway to success.

One thing learned from writing an honors literature review at Madison College was that resilience provides the map to success for student veterans and service members. Support groups are a dire need for our success.

Variables are the obstacles standing in our way. Examining variables and applying strategies build and develop perceptions with overcoming the impossibility of becoming another attrition statistic. The POW MIA drive our mission to succeed.

Outpost 422 seeks investors and those who served for building a support group on all college campuses. Through strategic planning, coordination and communication, we can overcome impossibility.

Please fill out the contact form if you are interested in sitting down, going over my honors literature review and need a strategy to map your way out of dropping out of college.

You worked hard for your G.I. benefits. We need you in the game.