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Crisis is the point where communication has been breached and the thoughts of suicide are the point of overrun. Stay in the moment. Help will always be there by downloading the PTSD Coach app or reach out to the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 Press 1. Trust is a must.

Outpost 422 is the direct line of communications for both military members serving overseas in combat to reach Veterans in times of crisis and is for those who are struggling to find their place at home.

Our mission is to be the beacon
of hope in the time of crisis. We are currently operating as a UW Whitewater and Madison College feature writing and a broadcast pilot program to spread the word for our members to download the PTSD Coach app on smart devices.

Whenever the 11th hour of crisis looms on the horizon, having PTSD Coach app at the ready will save lives whether you have a PTSD diagnosis or not. We are also sending copies of both the Madison College Clarion and the UW Whitewater Royal Purple to our adopted 10th Mountain Division Platoon in Afghanistan.

Please click on either the Clarion Broadcast Group link to listen to broadcasts or the Outpost 422 Facebook link on the home page if you are looking to connect with former members of the 10th Mountian Division who are a part of the 10th Mountain Division Association.

Our number one mission here at Outpost 422 is to make sure you have active communication in times of a crisis.

Climb to Glory,

Bradley J. Burt

Founder of Outpost 422