The John Q. Battlefield Search and Rescue Foundation Donations Page

homeless-vets-twoThe Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation needs your help…

The Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation supports students and veterans who may be at-risk of dropping out of school or those who end up homeless find outlets to earn money. Outpost 422 is a UW Whitewater case study to develop impulse control by sampling and surveying our clients.

Your support of the Outpost 422 Veteran Outreach Program is funded through donations. Outpost 422 is a data mine to collect information on the whereabouts of our missing children and veterans who are homeless in need of resources. Our missing children search and rescue is called “Operation Greenspace.” Our homeless mission is called “The 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade State Street Mission.” The blogs at Outpost 422 fund the mission.

  • We teach our vets how to write basic leads and feature stories about the 1,500 missing-in-action who are from Wisconsin. Reach out to John Q. Battlefield on Facebook right now if you would like to speak with our foundation.

Please Donate to help our cause to provide our John Q. Battlefield State Street homeless veterans find opportunities to earn vouchers.

wisconsin-madison-state-street-afternoonState Street Homeless Veterans are the UW Madison Guard dogs and the Lisa Link Peace Park Quick Reactionary Force. Your donations fund this program. Veterans who are at-risk check-in with Capitol Police through The Brigade.

We are a State of Wisconsin group of Watchdog Veterans who are searching for missing children while attending school.

  • The Operation: Greenspace Facebook page is an outreach for at-risk veterans. If you are in crisis and need to speak to an American Legion Service Officer to connect you to Homeland Security to stay in touch for community service, reach out here:

We are a Homeland Security At-risk Veteran Checkpoint—Send a message to check-in and we will contact your parole or community service officer to receive further instruction.

Outpost 422 is a Veteran Watchtower who reports to Maureen Breach who is a Department of Agriculture, Transportation and Consumer Protection reporting agent to the Homeland Security Council and Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you are in trouble please contact John Q. Battlefield on Facebook who is your back up battle buddy.
  • Our real-time Homeland Security Forward Observer will point you to the safehouses in Madison, Wis.
  • Dryhootch will help you find your way. They are located next to the International House of Pancakes on University Avenue by the MadisonVA.