Grounding Strategies: Overcoming Trauma Impossibilities

Grounding helps bring the higher self and the anxious self into alignment. From a firsthand point-of-view, the concept took me over 20 years to come to understand. Mindfulness is a vital force of energy that guides the ideations of panic into a soothing mental state.

Many trauma informed veterans volunteer for case studies conducted by researchers and the Veterans Administration to provide smart phone apps like PTSD Coach and Mindfulness Coach with coping strategies for stress management. Once becoming acquainted, just exactly how does someone who undergoes case studies benefit from research? The answer? Psychographic data scanning through voluntary questionnaires and group therapy.

The Veterans Administration Center for PTSD Research surveys combat veterans to introduce fundamental grounding mechanisms when dealing with PTSD. The website offers free information to the public for awareness and research. Mindfulness is on the rise and veterans are coming forward who share their experience. shared the Center for PTSD Research’s data claiming:

  • Regular mindfulness practice can lead to a greater present-centered awareness and nonjudgmental acceptance.
  • Awareness and acceptance of trauma-related thoughts and feelings may serve as an indirect mechanism of cognitive-affective exposure.
  • For instance, among trauma-exposed individuals evaluated at a single time point, greater levels of acting with awareness and accepting without judgment were associated with lower levels of posttraumatic stress symptoms.
  • Awareness of the present involves observing thoughts, feelings, and sensations by focusing one’s attention on the current moment.
  • While attending to the present, mindfulness also entails a stance of acceptance, or willingness to experience an array of thoughts and emotions without judgment.

The Veterans Administration offers programs like MOVE and “The Manage Stress Workbook” to help patients quell anxiety and depression. Mindfulness eating habits have a long-range positive track record and proven results-based case studies confirm being in the moment changes the outcome of suicide and addiction. Mindfulness is the game changer for grounding symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Check out the Outpost 422 podcast to hear the words of a vet with CPTSD who uses meditative frequencies to ground and stay in the moment.

If you are a veteran inquiring about the benefits of VA mindfulness programs, please fill out the contact form or leave a comment. Outpost 422 will help you cross the bridge of uncertainty to overcome the impossibility of stigma. Stay in the game. Bring your varsity mindset and let mindfulness do the work.