The 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade State Street Mission

Donations are graciously accepted for the clients of the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade State Street Mission

We are building a prospective post to assemble and raise funds for individuals who need mental health treatment who are not eligible for the VA.

John Q. Battlefield uses State Street to support his drifter mission. He checks in for help. You are his support. He is from the Vietnam Drifter culture who is only in town a few days and needs VA care who is not eligible due to his less-than-honorable discharge. We are helping him by giving him a tablet to carry on his journeys across America. We offer him QR vouchers along with his PSTD Coach app download to help him navigate his homeless lifestyle.

We are a Wisconsin State Capitol group of Watchdog Veterans who protect him at Outpost 422—Laura Link Peace Park, who have adopted the G.E.F. II and III grounds through the City of Madison, WI Common Council, to work with him, who have helped him find assistance through Dryhootch. We also meet with his group at the 400-block of State Street at Peace Park when there may be a need for rideshare to Tellurian Alcohol Detox Facility. We are mentoring him for a future opportunity to pursue Madison College Broadcast Journalism Courses through the Dane County Justice-Involved Veteran programs.


Reach out for help anytime at the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade State Street Mission. 

We are currently running a national ad campaign to have everyone download the PTSD Coach app to pass onto those who need it.