Welcome to Outpost 422 in Madison, WI

My name is Brad Burt and I am the founder of Outpost 422—my Veterans Crisis Line survivor story. 

  •  Please click on the “contact” link if you are looking for speakers for events.
  •  We specialize in multimedia lifeline blog support and academic coaching opportunities.
  •  Thank you for supporting our multi-faceted mission at Madison College and the University of Wisconsin Whitewater campus.
  • We are campus watchdog reporters to Homeland Security and Capitol Police.
  •  We are not affiliated with any organization. We are only a service to end the veteran crisis. We assist with detox intake at Tellurian Alcohol Detoxification Unit in Madison, Wis. We are allowed visitations if you end up there. We meet on Friday nights at 2000 hours.

The purpose of this mission is to give all who struggle in times of crisis a backpack full of resources. We specialize in assisting the Madison College VA VITAL veteran succeed by supporting troops at Forward Operating Base Fenty in Afghanistan through the Madison College 10th Mountain adopt-a-platoon fundraising mission. Graciously, the FOB Fenty mission is complete. We are now centrally focusing on connecting families with their missing veterans and children.

Outpost 422 is your go-to blogging resource that covers conventions and briefings as well. We are currently seeking to build our nonprofit medium as an entry to the Madison College Challenge in 2020. We are your academic support as well.

If you are visiting the Madison VA and are a guest at Building 22, Lisa Link Peace Park is the Outpost 422 look out with watchdog veterans who. Take a minute to catch your breath and give yourself a break at Outpost 422. We converge here in times of crisis. Contact us if you would like us to meet you for a visit.