Email to the Wisconsin governor regarding my college experience as a VITAL transfer from Madison College

COMM 202 dilemma

Burt, Bradley J, Sr


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Fri 2/3/2023 9:29 AM

Dear VA, UW Whitewater Benefits Coordinator Amy Moore, WSG President Will Hinz, Advisor Dr. Kathy Brady-

Please note, for your records, I am writing to you today to share with you my college experience. My Disability Coordinator Debbie Reuter called me this morning frustrated after emailing her regarding my concerns I shared with my VA VTIAL social worker. My concerns pertain to the content volume in my COMM 202 course overloading my memory, which develops into migraines.

I reached out to Reuter after our session to report my situation. I was met with rudeness and told I will have to drop the course. The university does not allow my VITAL counselor the opportunity to discuss the matter. Only at Madison College. For the past three years, I have attempted to exercise my Mission Act right to receive these services on campus and the university will not support me.

For the record, I notified my advisor Dr. Kathy Brady the professor was top notch and working with me. He is an exceptional and professional leader I look up to. We met via Web Ex, and he assured me that he would help me succeed. My conversation with Reuter was my relay based on my social worker’s concerns.

I notified her the content is overloading my sensory and stated the professor would allow me open notes if CSD allowed. Reuter would not listen nor entertain the idea and stated I do not have this accommodation. I am going to her boss and requesting a review of my accommodations. I have emailed WSG President Will Hinz seeking the information of her next line of sight.

I brought my concerns before my VA VITAL counselor on Wednesday. I let her know, who is cc:d in this email, I am dealing with another situation like what happened in Spring 2022, when I needed to take a “W” due to course overload. Reuter is telling me I need to take another “W” after my professor revealed another week’s worth of course instruction that is triple what other classes require.

How can a student with disabilities succeed? Especially after their window of swapping or dropping opportunity closes, and the professor reveals a new week’s worth of content, which the student reports exacerbate their disability? How can a disabled student prepare for that when their window of opportunity would have allowed them? From a social contract viewpoint, Aristotle would consider this argument as a means only moral dilemma.

Having another “W” on my record does not look good on a grad school application. I am unsure how I should proceed and need guidance from all parties I have cc:d to close out my last semester. I have been told by my advisor in previous emails I can walk at graduation this semester if I take a first session summer school class. I have been planning a new strategy since the first day of the semester and believe I have a legitimate grievance I need to bring before the VA, the Whitewater Student Government, the Wisconsin university system, and the Department of Workforce Development.

I have cc:d my DVR coordinator in this email and am making clear this is where I am for my check-in report. I may need to use Project Assist and try to work this out with the professor. I would rather take a D- and get the credits instead of a “W.” My disability coordinator is not working with me and does not represent me as a student. She says I have to drop the class if it’s causing me an overload and to reach out to my advisor first. I noted the ADA Act of 1990 argues that claim. The university must reasonably accommodate me and is not going to listen to what I have to say according to Reuter. I need your help.

P.S. Attn: Gov. Tony Evers. Please attach this to your ongoing relay file from my Outpost 422 firm.


Bradley Burt

UW-W weight management instructor obliges the development of a 16-week mindfulness workout proposal for overcoming mental health impossibilities

The spring 2023 semester begins Monday Jan. 23, which includes a one-credit elective. Prof. Michael Boudreau, program instructor, requires a workout plan for students.

The work out plan weekly journal will publish blogs for those seeking motivation with going back to the gym and finding their center through mindfulness. The project utilizes a self-reflection model from a final project in COMM 228 Interpersonal Communication, which helps uncover stuck points and a weekly motivation video.

The project goal seeks building a platform based on a low-intensity aerobic workout soldiers used with the 10th Mountain Division. The project incorporates strategies provided by the Madison College Mastering Mindfulness Course for savoring, confidence building, before-and-after reflection and gratitude.

Boudreau supports veterans whose family’s legacy of service dates back to the Civil War.

Collaboratively, the blogs offer empowerment and affirmations with only one goal in mind—making it to the gym. Each reflection for the class project will track mental, physical and spiritual health.

The project minimum requirement is a visit to the gym twice per week.

Collectively, the project offers a starting point and a confidence boost for all who are stuck in the trap of depression a way out through enlightenment and encouragement.

I Will Not Forget: The diary survivor story of a disabled veteran who used community college VA services for mitigating university academic abuse

9:13 a.m. Thursday 1/12/2023—Today kicks off writing the “I Will Not Forget” college experience diary. The diary examines the barriers with my academic success transferring from Madison College to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The diary will eventually publish into a book, which acts as an advocacy for those who awaken to being mistreated on campus as disabled veterans, first generation and nontraditional students. The Outpost 422 website is a sanctuary of support.

The diary style examines variables from the COMM 228 Interpersonal Communication course where my class journaled for two weeks regarding the pandemic lockdown experience for our final project. Outpost 422 covered the pandemic events for class projects that launched as a registered trademark.

Outpost 422 is my website created for the Madison College Journalism Certificate Social Media Writing course and the Madison College Challenge that developed into a documentary pilot for the Practicum 2 internship. The website was built for helping future veterans and their enrollment in the Madison College VITAL program after leaving treatment.

Sadly, you, the disabled veteran Madison College VITAL transfer, will meet aggressors who do not respect your service. They will conspire to place barriers in your path. Not all professors are friendly. The website is a relay in times of adversity.

The book and the website empower users as a philanthropy and attrition mitigation service. In other words, the tools that helped me succeed will help you succeed, and we will succeed together. We must dedicate our lives to three things: Helping each other up, publishing the POW MIA issue and keeping our campus community safe. We are a guardian angel task force.

Diary is philanthropy that does not necessarily require money but self-investment and dedication to paying forward. The book and website pay forward resources and referrals on several fronts. As a philanthropy, we lobby, we fight, we conquer academic abuse, we give freely of our wisdom for the preservation of our POW MIA and Gold Star Mother societies helping their families distribute their grief through our publications. Through our perseverance, we empower one another.

The variables we experience shall never be met with adversity. We fight by investing argumentation strategy through peer-reviewed scholarly sources. We use our academics for self-defense. We enlighten through mindfulness, which requires staying calm, cool and collected and dispelling the stigma of having a disability. We overcome impossibility through exercising our G.I. Bill and grant resources and pay the information forward as a relay of support.

We check in with each other through email and in person consultations. We are a relay to many governmental and veteran friendly corporations who seek building platforms for our success. We are the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation. Our primary job as a task force seeks team building as a resource for beating attrition and succeeding by crossing the graduation stage.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

CEO/Founder Outpost 422

For the record: Congressman Pocan responds to concerns with disabled veteran mistreatment at UW-W

January 11, 2023

Dear Mr. Burt,


Thank you for contacting my office over the last year. I value your outreach and appreciate you taking the time to express your thoughts.

One of the aspects that I value most as a Member of Congress is hearing directly from my constituents regarding their hopes, concerns, opinions, and ideas. I’m incredibly proud to represent such a diverse and engaged district, and the countless emails, letters, and calls from Wisconsin’s Second District give me hope for the road ahead.

Over the past year, I continued my tenure on the House Appropriations Committee where I fought for funding that enables communities across Wisconsin and the nation to succeed, and I was honored to serve again on the Education and Labor Committee where I strove to be a voice for all working Wisconsinites. Additionally, as Chair Emeritus of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, I championed legislation that put people over politics, including significant investments in climate change solutions, lowering prescription drug costs, and promoting economic and job growth.

It is an honor and privilege to represent you in Washington, and I strongly believe that communication between constituents and their elected representatives is essential to a successful democratic process. In 2023, I am committed to continuing to serve our community in hopes that we can continue to make great progress together.

Again, thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. If I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (608) 258-9800. If you would like to receive regular updates from me on congressional issues, please visit my website at,  or follow me on Facebook ( and Twitter (@RepMarkPocan).


Mark Pocan
Member of Congress

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Press Release: The problems we face transferring from Madison College as students in the VITAL Program

My name is Bradley J. Burt. I served with the 10th Mountain Division. I am a disabled student veteran enrolled in the Veterans Administration’s VITAL program. The program provides supports at Madison College but not at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, who has denied me access to these services over the last three years.

The university sends bullies after me who insist I use their supports. Their supports require I turn over my VA records. VITAL protects me.

During the winter holiday break, I reported my ongoing academic abuse I am receiving at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Title IX Investigator Michael Kent attempted to false light profile me on record who sought the retrieval of my VA records. Kent indicated that the request was university protocol.

Outpost 422 is a licensed lobby and class project. The next phase of the project’s trademark development seeks a Freedom of Information Act records request from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater pertaining to their Modus Operandi, which is standard procedure, regarding their intercept of veteran records.

I have not, nor will I, turn over any records to any state agency, which is the foundation of this brand. My job is protecting our best interests in both society and on campus.

The policy is illegal and am asking all veterans who wish to share their experiences with their college experience come forward and be heard.

I believe the proper approach is the academic research approach. We cannot win the war on veteran record privacy through brute force.

Intellect will prevail. Overcome Impossibility and stay the course in school. Reach out and fill out the contact form if you need to relay any concerns to the chancellor of your university or board of regents member.


Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422

Email Exhibit: UW Title IX Investigator Michael Kent attempts to retrieve VA records

As of 10:23 a.m. Monday December 19, 2022, the Gonzo-19 fear and loathing documentary will be entering the phase of filing complaints with the VA records division.

The charges seek holding Title IX Investigator Michael Kent accountable for his role in the complaint filed against University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Veterans Resources Coordinator Kris McMenamin.

The exhibit is part of the upcoming documentary and attachment to the UW-W Journalism Independent Study 498 project.

What is a Machiavellian Business Practitioner?

A Machiavellian manipulates victims through lies and deceit according to

Machiavellianese speaks lies and deceit on public record, which is a term created for rhetorical analysis.

The analysis sample is located in the mandated reporting profile chapter contained in the independent study. Kent’s report, shared in the independent study submission, is a new form of Op-ed journalism converged with expose called an “Op-Expose.”

The content shares mechanisms for self-defense when under attack by a corrupt official.

The following email chain shares the desperate attempt to bring fraud on my registered trademark and is available on the UW-W public server.

Exhibit Overview

The email chain manifested into a coercive communication exchange requesting I turn over my VA records by the University of Wisconsin Title IX Investigator Michael Kent, who was assigned to my complaint regarding the ongoing biased usage of the veterans lounge at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

I am seeking punitive damages and charges filed for an attempt to breach my privacy. My VITAL Social Worker Elizabeth Stapleton and I met recently to discuss my ongoing abuse by the university.

She witnessed Kent’s attempt to request she assist me with turning over my records.

Email Depositions and Exhibits


Burt, Bradley J, Sr


  • Michael Kent <>;

Sat 10/29/2022 2:56 PM



Upon deliberating and looking over our notes, I have decided not to allow any state agency access to my Privacy Act of 1974 protected VA records. I have cc:d my social worker, Elizabeth Stapleton, for my records. I am notifying the Joint House and Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs that the University of Wisconsin, when conducting investigations regarding veterans with disabilities, uses a coercive method, which I was not instructed in the beginning of our interview I had the option of withholding. I am concerned the university is behaving unethically with peeking into an area that is off limits to state employees. I am requesting Congress and the House review the ethical practices of the investigative process. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.




Bradley J. Burt


Michael Kent <>



  • Burt, Bradley J, Sr;

Fri 11/18/2022 12:12 PM


Good Afternoon Mr. Burt,


I do not believe any additional conversation would be productive for either of us.  Anything that you would like to have included as a response or supplement to the draft section of the report that I provided to you should be submitted to me in writing by Monday 11/21/22 at noon, per our agreement as expressed in my e-mail to you at 4:28pm on 11/17/22, which you acknowledged in your e-mail to me at 11:02pm on 11/17/22.


Thank you.


-M. Kent

Michael Kent <>


  • Burt, Bradley J, Sr

Thu 11/17/2022 4:29 PM


Good Afternoon Mr. Burt,


We are not in conflict.  It is not necessary that you agree with anything I tell you.  It is not necessary that I agree with anything you tell me.


The only thing I need to receive from you that is relevant to my investigation is your written response to the draft that was provided to you, identifying anything you believe is factually, objectively, inaccurate.


I don’t need any information about your coursework.  Unless your professors are witnesses to Mr. McMenamin discriminating against you, then I don’t need to hear from any of your professors.  I am only evaluating your complaint that Kris McMenamin discriminated against you on the basis of your age or veteran status, or retaliated against you for filing a complaint.  My investigation is strictly limited to that issue.


By Monday at noon, please provide me with the final copy of your written response to the investigation draft you were provided.  If, as you state, your current communication style is a choice, then I will advise you that it would be more helpful for you to use plain English in your response, without the use of any “reinvented” words or phrases.

I will look forward to seeing your response.  Thank you for your cooperation.


M. Kent

Michael Kent <>



  • Burt, Bradley J, Sr

Mon 10/31/2022 3:13 PM


Dear Mr. Burt,


For the benefit of the record you are creating on this issue:


We met on Friday, October 28th, 2022 at the MATC Truax campus.  Prior to that meeting I told you that you were free to have someone there to support you if you wished.  You did not bring anyone else to the meeting.  During the meeting, I told that that because we were evaluating a claim of discrimination based on the denial of a requested accommodation for a disability, that it would be helpful to be to see the records associated with your disability.  I asked if you would be willing to sign a release for your treatment records.  You declined.  I told you that was fine.  I told you that if you changed your mind to feel free to let me know.  We then proceeded through the remaining 90 minute investigative interview.  As you did not want to sign a release I have not sought or received any of your VA records.


I don’t understand why you believe any aspect of that exchange was illegal or unethical.  I can assure you that an evaluation of the underlying disability is a standard practice for this type of investigation.


-M. Kent


Michael Kent <>



  • Burt, Bradley J, Sr

Fri 10/21/2022 3:03 PM


Good Afternoon Mr. Burt,


I am interested in understanding the concerns you have about UW-Whitewater and any mistreatment you feel you have received.  My investigative role is limited to the formal discrimination and retaliation compliant that was filed with UW-Whitewater.


I don’t fully understand what you mean to communicate with some of the terminology and phrases that you use, but I expect I will be able to get clarification when we meet next week.  To help you prepare for that meeting, this is what to expect during the interview:


  • I will be asking about specific, observable conduct.  That is, I will be asking about what you witnessed people say and do.  In the words of fictional police officer Joe Friday, “Just the facts.”
  • Different professional relationships have specific meanings and legal obligations.  When you talk about other participants and witnesses, I will be asking about their official, formal, relationship to you.  For example, I will be asking if Mr. Harris is formally assigned as your social worker or case worker by the VA.  This may or may not be the same as how you define their relationship to you, but their legal relationship to you is important.
  • I will be focusing very specifically on the discrimination complaint you have filed.  You may have other valid concerns about other issues arising from your enrollment at UW Whitewater, but my assignment is to investigate the discrimination and retaliation complaint.


I hope this helps define your expectations for our meeting.  I’ll contact you early next week to arrange the specific day/time/location of our interview.  Have a good weekend.


-M. Kent


Burt, Bradley J, Sr


  • Michael Kent <>;

Fri 11/18/2022 10:42 AM

Mr. Kent-


I have attached, for transparency reasons, the point of contact at the Wisconsin Ethics Commission, which supports my lobby claim from our discussion. I have cc:d my Mission Act lines of sight, who are social workers aiding me in bringing my supports on campus, which is part of my lobby for bringing my supports to UW Whitewater.


I stated, for the record, the contents contained in the email to the state address my concerns regarding the lobby license waiver. The point of contact provided can assist you with information regarding this transaction, which is happening in 2023. For the record, you never asked me to submit my proof before writing your rough draft. You did not consider truths such as how a lobby is organized or how a person, like me who registered as a candidate for Congress in 2020, organizes a lobby campaign, which happens over two-year sessions.


From what I understand with my background as a corporate health communication major, a person does not need a license to lobby. They can do so through a nonprofit organization without one. I am asking you please consider all the factors involved here. I am preparing my lobby, which is my capstone. I stated that clearly. I never stated I was a registered lobbyist. I stated that I was pending my registration through my waiver.


I will not provide my VA records based on the premise I am not required under the Mission Act to do so. I am seeking my services on campus and have received retaliation for doing so. Both Stapleton and Harris were witnesses to the retaliation either directly or indirectly when I began trademarking “mandated reporting,” which is a term I use regarding Title IX academic abuse.  Although the term refers to children, under my trademark, I reserve the right to redefine terminology. For example, the term “PowerPoint.” Under your scrutiny, you would have noted the person who developed the term “uses terms unique to themselves,” which bars my merit. I ask you please consider your words carefully.


McMenamin, per Dr. Yarbrough’s request, needed to be involved and involved him only under a confidentially contingency. I will reflect on my recalling of my exchanges with McMenamin I provided you for my ongoing retaliation in my report. He enforced I use state services, which constitutes the tort of intrusion in both my business and academic affairs. Lemke intruded by contacting Vice Chancellor Grace Crickett and Dr. John Fons. Richard Harris will confirm this, who is my key witness to the ongoing academic targeting and abuse I receive.


Do you need me to copy and paste this email with my response? If you need to investigate my POW MIA corporate and health lobby capstone as a double major, please click the link I have enclosed to the website that is my ongoing lobby ad hoc press room where details from my college experience will be posted starting in 2023. For the record, and for your report, I am a double major who does not receive transfer credit for my Technical Studies Journey worker associate degree. I am also a corporate and health communication major.


The university will not recognize, even though my journey worker electives are a part of my Academic Advising Report, the 39 credits I received for my journey worker certificate. I am the first double major construction worker in the state of Wisconsin. Intro to Mass Communication ties into my journalism major. My trademark and patent tie into my employee assistance keynote speaking workshops that are a part of my subcommittee for my nonprofit organization.

Recent Posts – University of Wisconsin–Whitewater

On June 8, 2021, the interactive investigative capstone journey at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater began seeking the last known whereabouts and location of 1st Lt. Jerome A. Volk. Volk’s investigation started out as a crowdsource collaboration at the Whitewater campus through an ad with the …

I am lobbying for the use of the “Purple Room” to store a VA server. I have discussed this business with McMenamin under strict confidentiality for POW MIA inclusion. Please reflect truthfully specific details that your claims you are making against my merit. My merit is my buy in.


My Veterans Crisis Line, VA PTSD denial for service connection, and employee assistance survivor story allowed me the use of the Veterans Crisis Line at my previous employer, which is your referencing to my “suicidal 2017” identifiers. Branding me as suicidal are your words from your perspective. You do not take into account that I am treated and creating mindfulness workshops for veteran readjustment and that I am an honors student in three honors societies. I have a confidentiality agreement with my previous employer, which is why I am concerned with our use of a public server. I must refrain from providing you with details, which is why I am asking you to omit. I give interactive presentations to corporate citizens who are helping me build Outpost 422. We are meeting Monday virtually. I am unsure how my business ties into your scope with Title IX. I will request more information in my follow-up with you on Monday.




Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422


Burt, Bradley J, Sr



  • Michael Kent <>

Mon 10/31/2022 2:46 PM

Dear Mr. Kent-


I have connected with both Congressman Mike Gallagher and Congressman Scott Fitzgerald regarding our interview on Friday where you casually suggested I sign off records to your investigation without advising me of my Privacy Act of 1974 rights. I constitute this behavior as coercion and a past practice. I have requested Congress investigate the University of Wisconsin with their record retrieval process. I am requesting indictments for invasion of privacy. The records are not for state-level government view. You are a state investigator. Congress will be contacting your superiors regarding our exchange and investigative practices for a discretionary and ethical practice being conducted by the University of Wisconsin. Please refer your questions to the parties cc:d in this email if you would like to discuss this matter further. I am requesting a third party be present moving forward.





Bradley J. Burt


Michael Kent <>


  • Burt, Bradley J, Sr

Wed 11/16/2022 2:10 PM


Good Afternoon Mr. Burt,


I have reviewed your objections.  I will take them into account in drafting my final report.  If you wish to submit a statement about your objections, I will attach it to the investigatory report.  The official report will only contain information which is relevant, probative and accurate, but you are free to include any information you wish in your statement.


On a few specific points:

  • The report may include information about your mental health if that information is relevant and accurate.  The included information about your mental health and past treatment was information that you published on your public-facing websites, or disclosed during our interview.  The Privacy Act of 1974 is not applicable in this situation.
  • I reviewed the IRS on-line databasefor 501(c)(3) corporations.  The Sacred Warrior Church of Native America Inc. is not a registered 501(c)(3) corporation.  It looks like you may have registered that organization as a nonstock corporation in the State of Wisconsin.  That is not the same thing as being registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with the Internal Revenue Service.  A non-stock corporation is not the same thing as a non-profit corporation.  In addition, there are different designations for non-profit corporations under the IRS code and a 501(c)(3) is a particular designation with particular rules that must be recognized and approved by the IRS in order to claim 501(c)(3) status.


As I said, if you would like to submit a statement regarding your objections, I will include it with the report.  If you would like to secure the assistance of a social worker or other qualified advocate to assist you in drafting this statement, or if you would like to have your social worker speak with me, or if you would like to have a meeting with me at which your social worker is present, I can accommodate any of those requests.


If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the investigation, you will have the ability to appeal the determination.  There is no mechanism for you to appeal before the investigation is finalized.  If you wish to file a complaint against me, on the basis that you believe I am biased or have a conflict of interest, you will have the opportunity to do so after the investigation is finalized.


If you wish to provide a written statement about your objections, please do so by 5pm on 11/17/22.  Thank you.


-M. Kent


Burt, Bradley J, Sr




Wed 11/9/2022 1:30 PM

Dear Human Resources-


Recently, my investigator, Michael Kent, met with me at Madison College, whose interviewing ethical methods have me concerned. Who would I speak to regarding my abuse of process concerns. Kent did not allow me to give my full testimony before interviewing the complaint respondent at UW Whitewater.


Instead, he interviewed the individual and commenced asking me questions regarding the respondent’s claims made against me. This methodology, in my professional opinion as a journalism major, warrants an inquiry. I do not believe my due process rights were respected and am asking Kent be excused and new investigator assigned. Also, Kent attempted to retrieve my VA records for the investigation. The interview felt like an interrogation. Kent subversively tried to get me to sign off on the records, which has been brought to Congressman Scott Fitzgerald’s attention. His office referred me to Assemblyman Hebl, who I am attempting to contact within the next week.


Again, as the complaintant in any level, whether education or legalese, due process would have waited to interview the repondent once I filed my full complaint. My investigation has been tampered with. I am asking for a new investigator be assigned.




Bradley Burt

The blog represents the next phase of the journalism major development. Upon deliberation, the Gonzo-19 documentary now reflects barriers at both Madison College and UW-W. The documentary is the price disabled veterans who transfer from the VA VITAL Program undergo to receive their education.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422

Donator Beware: Whitewater Veterans Center Project seeks renovating building with VFW Post 5470

Upon running a Google search regarding the Veterans Lounge at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for a class project, I unearthed something of concern.

Currently, there is a “Whitewater Veterans Center Project,” which is an ongoing attempt to collect funds.

The website home page does not share who is the listed nonprofit, which is required for tax-deductible EIN listing for donators. Only on the donation page. The hosting nonprofit must be listed on the title page.

The website says “verified” located on the “donate” page but does not share specifically who is the ranking member of the committee for the VFW Post. The website does not have a tool bar nor list a point of contact.

The VFW does not need a brick-and-mortar building to operate a “hub” as they suggest. The goal amount is $500,000.

A router and a server only cost roughly $25,000 and must be provided by the Veterans Administration, which is not indicated by the project. The project needs approval by the city for commercial zoning.

Where is the buy in from Whitewater listed on the page? The tool bar would include city manager minutes honoring the request presented by alders. The website does not share any of the information needed to launch the project.

Donating requires transparency. Right now, the VFW is running a virtual panhandler campaign seeking a large amount without providing backing by the city, which is ad hoc.

Do they have bonding insurance to cover that amount? From what I understand, a Post is only bonded at $50,000.

That was a figure thrown at me by State Liaison Mark Herrmann of Rolling Thunder Chapter 5, WI. I could be wrong. That’s why I am currently investigating all aspects between finance committees, quorum and their monuments committee.

My experience with the VFW witnessed unethical methods of reporting and relaying truth. The VFW has been a relentless barrier in my college success from VFW Wisconsin on down.

The truth? The Facebook icon takes the viewer to the Whitewater VFW Post 5470 Facebook page, who has harassed me and intruded in my personal affairs as a disabled veteran attending UW Whitewater by their quorum member Curtis Lemke.

Lemke interfered with my disability accommodations, who’s reputation as a bully intruded in veteran affairs outside his scope. Lemke loves sticking his nose in other veterans’ business as the past president of the Veterans and Servicemembers Organization.

Lemke also flexed his authority by intimidating disabled veterans like me on campus, who were VITAL transfers from Madison College where the Outpost 422 documentary began.

He now works for the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.

Be cautious donating to this project until I get to the bottom of who is running the operation. Lemke is in charge of monuments for the city of Whitewater with the VFW Post.

There is an alternative here at Outpost 422.

Instead of donating a large sum to a group of thugs, you can invest in sharing blogs, which are free.

The blogs support veterans in journalism for post-combat readjustment who will be guided with truth that the veterans lounge is off limits to police jurisdiction and promotes joining the VFW. Outpost 422 monitors and relays academic abuse by the members of the VFW to ranking officials in Congress and the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Buy in does not require money. Team building starts with the “I Will Not Forget” workshop the Outpost 422 service provides for free.

The “I Will Not Forget” campaign is an oratorical task force that builds confidence in those who are falling behind in school. The service is mobile and virtual and only requires an annual sum of $50,000 to operate. Currently, I am self-funding and using bootstrapping with grants to provide the service.

The VFW does not share important information with you as a donor. Only sophistry, which is a persuasive tool the VFW communications operation uses for collecting money.

You as the donator need honesty and the VFW cannot provide you that service. I was a VFW Service Officer and left for this reason.

Please support my workshop as an alternative to handing over money to this group.

The UW Whitewater “I Will Not Forget” workshop trains future journalists how to speak with high-ranking officials in office as a relay for veteran in distress issues as a lobbyist. The project is an open records scavenger hunt for training future applicants for Project Veritas.

Be careful donating.

You can donate through the flow code on my van, which advocates for tearing the building down and using the recycled materials to build a brick monument instead.

A portion of the proceeds will go the “Youth Build Program” and will train Whitewater high school youth how to build brick arches and trim stone.

Outpost 422 is relaying information to Project Veritas for investigation and donation transparency. The notification announces the ongoing investigation behind the transparency issue.

Until we get to the bottom of this and find out where to locate financial reports, please be advised this method of donation collection is sketchy.

Outpost 422 consortium independent study converges with Madison College honors literature review creating ‘social media fusion’ Next Gen presentation

By Brad Burt

Title: Freelance Backpack Journalist at Brad Burt Ad Hoc Ads and Copywriting Services

On Wednesday November 9, 2022, one year after giving a presentation regarding the stigma I have been dealing with in the veterans lounge in the Andersen Library, the journalism undergraduate consortium journey comes full circle at Madison College through Autumn Landmine Productions.

The topic: My ongoing academic barriers with UW Whitewater, who will not provide me the services of the VA VITAL program, which is an obstruction to my success.

UW Whitewater ignored my complaints with members of the Veterans and Servicemembers Organization’s invasion of my VA privacy through President Curtis Lemke.

Lemke attempted to negotiate these services without my consent.

The First Gen presentation shares the success I receive from Madison College, which takes place at the Intercultural Center at the Truax campus at 3:30 p.m.

The video connects the Madison College honors sociology literature review with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater independent study, which examines the variables with barriers and facilitators for success with veterans and servicemembers attending college, which declares the Hell is Warm on the Homefront 11th hour chaplain service be provided on all UW campuses for mandated reporting with academic abuse.

The patent builds communications fusion by evolving scientific keywords into live stream elements. The elements are the Gonzo-19 documentary published through the Autumn Landmine Productions YouTube Channel and the Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC WordPress branded websites through the Jaded Patriot Press newsroom at Outpost 422.

We are examining trauma bonding and diabolical rhetoric. We are spotlighting Machiavellianism as a lobby and corporate capstone class project.

The independent study Gonzo-19 capstone examines the barriers of stigma behind the scenes while the presentation shares the facilitators for success Madison College provided me through tabling events and hosting my Veterans Administration social worker services on campus.

Excerpt from Brad Burt Facebook, the pressroom for Brad Burt Ad Hoc Ads and Copywriting Services:
“Weird. One year later Madison College asked me to host a First Gen presentation regarding barriers, facilitators and stigma veterans face at the University of Wisconsin…” Visit the Brad Burt Facebook timeline to view entire post.

One year earlier, Madison College Phi Theta Kappa asked me if I could share my experience with dealing with Machiavellianism as an adult student veteran with disabilities.

The journey over the last year led to launching a POW MIA lobby through the “I Will Not Forget” campaign.

The road ahead begins Spring 2023, with the fusion of the honors project and independent study, the patenting of 11th hour diary rhetorical analysis on Clarion Radio at “Hell is Warm on the Homefront,” along with building convergent media backpack and citizen journalism workshops that connect those who deal with abuse find a way out from dealing with stigma.

The stigma variable connects all aspect of my barriers for success in college as a lived experience. The story is told through interactive documentary.

Stigma is found in passive aggressive communication academic abuse, which is the meta theme with the “Overcome Impossibility” tagline we use for helping our clients succeed.

Bootstrapping, convergent media bootcamps and summer school advising at UW-W

This semester, we are creating awareness. At the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, we are required to learn Adobe sound, video and advertising production software in a ridiculously short amount of time.

The UW-W curriculum in the communications field requires we learn the software in two weeks.

This is simply not possible. I need your financial support.

I am seeking $50,000 to start up a mobile workshop to help students succeed, especially disabled veterans dealing with brain injuries.

The expectation does not allow us the ability to concentrate on our other course work thus leading to dropping out.

Please scan the bar code and help us launch the next phase of Outpost 422.

Our mindfulness bootcamp teaches those dealing with Adobe stress, a scavenger hunt at the Wisconsin State Capitol that gives them hands on experience with developing a storyboard.

The storyboard shares details regarding assembling the story with Adobe instructions.

The boot camp shares the mindfulness journaling from the Building Blocks of Well-Being Certificate course providing a method of shorthand and interview methods.

The program lasts three weeks and preps those at Madison College for their UW transfer.

Portions of the funding will go to finishing the last course needed for the certificate, “Leading with Emotional Intelligence,” and the launching of our boot camp for a summer internship converging Madison College and UW-W into one practicum transfer experience surveying barriers for success along the way.

No student should be forced to drop out as a result of a overloaded curriculum. I have addressed my concerns with the dean of students and the chancellor.

We need financial support to make it happen.