Have you checked in with your Veterans Administration social worker? The first stop for a buddy check

The Veterans Administration offers services to veterans who end up with a service connected rating. Social workers offer veterans support trained to handle crisis at the VA.

What does a social worker do? Social workers come equipped with information to assist veterans at-risk of homelessness. Social workers know the ins-and-outs of VA programs offering information ranging from dental options to explaining individual unemployability. 

In order to access help from a social worker, you must be eligible for VA benefits first. Free information regarding filing claims starts by buddy checking in with a County Service Officer. If you are in the Madison, Wisconsin area and need help, please contact the William S. Middleton VA Hospital. The first step to obtaining access to VA services requires the veteran to apply for benefits.  Once the individual becomes eligible, the next step requires accessing information by registering at VA.gov. The VFW and DAV offer extensive information and individualized assistance outside of the VA.

The Madison VA Hospital Patient Advocate helps in times of trouble. Please continue to check in with your primary care provider during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please feel free to leave a message in the comments if you would like Outpost 422 to investigate VA services for future blogs. Stay safe and check in anytime. We are your crisis over watch.

Service Officer invites veterans to collaborate through social media to exchange information at the Operation: Greenspace virtual buddy checkpoint

Calling all veterans to post, comment, share footage or reach out for help on social media at our social media over watch at Operation: Greenspace. 

Operation: Greenspace works as a community guardian for Outpost 422. The service offers a chaplain portal at the Sacred Warrior Fellowship of the 11th Hour.  You are not alone. Take 30 minutes to cool down and listen to the video featured below if you are overwhelmed. Meditation helps ease a troubled mind.

Visiting VA.gov connects veterans with resources. Every veteran may not be eligible for the VA, but the VA does offer information to all veterans. Connecting with chaplain services offers hope in crisis.

Operation: Greenspace utilize social media with hyperlink resources. The over watch amongst the light fighter community quickly identifies the need to put down the rivalry amongst our branches and connect. As community guardians who cultivate resources we overcome impossibility.

Thriving and surviving on over watch opens portals of hope by sharing blogs. Reach out to Outpost 422 anytime if you are reading this and would like to share your 11th hour survivor story. The independent service supports veterans across the globe. Please leave a comment below if you are in need of support or call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 Press 1.

So begins the University of Wisconsin Whitewater class project to establish a virtual buddy check for Dane County

Convergence is on the rise in the social media industry. Fans share footage with journalists who meet veterans and those who serve on the frontline of COVID-19. But what about your American Legion Post? Where do you draw the line when you attend a “Buddy Check” call? As a person who steps up by meeting in-person as an ambassador of the American Legion, where do you know where to step? Social distancing virtual communication networks come in handy. Over watch shared footage helps build blogging for outreach, which avoids getting our members sick by connecting through a social media administrator.

Liability is at stake. Where do you look to when working with at-risk or at-large veterans? The County Veteran Service Officer.

The following scenario happened to an American Legion Post following Buddy Check orders:

Veteran calls from the Madison VA hospital, says he needs the Post Service Officer to go do his grocery shopping, when COVID-19 sees record spikes in their county. Your Second Vice Commander calls and orders you to go help the guy, even though you know handling someone else’s check card may cost the Post it’s reputation. You tell your Second Vice Commander to have them stop at the Madison VA Social Worker to check in before they leave because of COVID-19 hospital programs who will help them.

None-the-less, your Second Vice Commander throws a fit and slams the phone who thinks all of the quarantine is a hoax. The Service Officer maintained the Post Facebook page on-call 24/7 as a service to the Post. By utilizing blogs, hyperlinks and shared data, the Service Officer worked from home to connect with several hundred veterans at once.

The following Virtual Buddy Check network will connect you at Outpost 422. We are taking you on a historical American veteran journey during a time of confusion during the 11th hour of crisis impact due to COVID-19 and unemployability. The American Legion of Wisconsin works through their Engage 22 foundation, which centers around outreach.

Please take a moment to reflect at this point in your veteran journey and connect to the Outpost 422 multimedia center if you are in crisis. You will be directed immediately to our director who will connect you with the American Legion, VFW and DAV to assist you. Reach out to the Veterans Crisis Line anytime. Open the pantry door at 1-877-4-AID-VET, and check in with your County Service Officer.

Due to backlog of  VA appeal, we are conducting a communications experiment at University of  Wisconsin Whitewater to allow Veterans Choice on campus. The Buddy Check Program, Engage 22 and the American Legion brand are not affiliate with any claims made on this site. The Service Officer who belongs to all three organizations shares information as a segue service. The blog is the buddy check. As we work to develop American Legion Zoom meetings, work virtually to stop the spread, think about all who are affected in the event a buddy check may put your comrades at your Post in the line of fire during COVID-19.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater international journalism major starts campus multimedia over watch mission to impact those suffering from COVID-19 virtual setbacks

Disabled veteran returns to school facing challenges as a nontraditional student to overcome the impossibility of winning appeal.

Bradley J. Burt builds a social media watchtower through multimedia outreach by combining all fields of journalism under a brand called “blog-casting.” Blog-casting assists corporations who offer veterans employee assistance programs, which helped Burt win his appeals. Outpost 422, Burt’s Social Media Writing Course final project, takes on the challenges veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder face, by creating an internship outlet at Madison College to collect data, find resources and find a place to intersect with Burt’s WordPress portfolio.

The News Reporting for Media Course at University of Wisconsin Whitewater requires students to build a broadcast reel for their final class project. Bradley J. Burt’s development started at Madison College in the Practicum 2 Course as a consortium transfer in Fall of 2019. Burt combined courses from UW Whitewater with the Madison College Journalism Certificate Program, which operates as a crisis blog outreach reporter.

Multimedia Gallery: Home | Bradley J. Burt (wixsite.com)

Bradley J. Burt takes the viewer on a journey to uncover resources to help those who are utilizing employee assistance programs. Information blog-casted helped Burt win his Veterans Administration appeal. The Outpost 422 Multimedia Center evolves UW Whitewater undergraduate research to create a prototype for virtual off-campus case studies.

Outpost 422 Samples

COVID-19 impacts the Warhawk Vote outreach Friday before the presidential election – Outpost 422

Whitewater Student Government meets virtually to address options on behalf of students addressing ongoing COVID-19 virtual organizing – Outpost 422

Zaroni’s owner makes paying forward to the community through food bank and blood drive first priority on Thanksgiving Eve – Outpost 422

Madison College offers opportunities for students to virtually showcase projects for corporate social responsibility – Outpost 422

Madison VA social workers assist qualifying veterans with navigating services – Outpost 422

The Weird Turn Pro—COVID 19 Distance Learning Assignment for Investigative Journalism at Madison College – Outpost 422

Burt created the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation in Fall of 2020 through the Madison College Small Business Development Course to locate grants for those who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Outpost 422 develops on-campus QR voucher assistance through Veterans Choice and private care options. The 501 c 3 funds the Outpost 422 Multimedia Center seeking angel investors and board members to offer clinical trials on University of Wisconsin campuses.

Zaroni’s owner makes paying forward to the community through food bank and blood drive first priority on Thanksgiving Eve

Oshkosh, Wisconsin local pizza and macaroni restaurant collects and delivers donated food while hosting a blood drive on Thanksgiving Eve.

Jon Doemel’s passion for community service offers the Oshkosh community solidarity and hope during the holidays as COVID-19 continues to quarantine families on Thanksgiving.

COVID-19 continues to surge leaving local restaurant owners questioning the future of business success. Zaroni’s A Macaroni and Pizza Pub serves double orders of good faith and charity to those who are quarantined and hospitalized by offering discounts for food and blood donations. The Community Blood Center of Oshkosh RV sets up in the Zaroni’s parking lot, while Account Manager Lisa Koeppel works with Doemel’s business to keep up with supply and demand as the 2020 Thanksgiving holiday approaches.

Zaroni’s owner Jon Doemel continues to work with his staff and community supporters to collect donations and host blood drives. As Doemel’s family centrally collects donated items at his restaurant, curbside donators offer to help. Doemel’s discounts, volunteer opportunities and announcements continuously update on the Zaroni’s Facebook page inviting patrons to come forward and pitch in.

Whitewater School of Broadcasting Rites of Passage—the Bucky Beer Commercial

Spring of 2020, the Electronic Media Writing Course at UW Whitewater introduced Audio Production I. After finishing the ad campaign final project, the thought of “wouldn’t it be cool to write copy and produce commercials” led to enrolling in the Audio Production I Course.

91.7 The Edge WSUW – Home (weebly.com)

Audio Production I offers students an opportunity to pursue a career in the Electronic Media Emphasis field as Communication majors. Outpost 422 tracks every step of the Wisconsin G.I. Bill journey offering samples of the experience. The project assists all who transfer from the Madison College Journalism Certificate completion to collaborate during their UW Whitewater Communications major pursuit. Veterans and students come together to help each other sharpen their skills when projects require Adobe software to complete projects. Tutorials and Practicum opportunities help students find the answers to software riddles on the Outpost 422 Multimedia Resource Center Facebook page. 

The Whitewater School of Broadcasting offers students Practicum opportunities to host shows on-air. The Andersen Library rooms offer back up studio, labs, recording studios and more.



The Bucky Beer Commercial offers a fun and rewarding experience. The project opened up the opportunity to run wide open with Adobe Audition 2020 software to record, mix and produce a 60-second commercial to engage students who work from home. The uniqueness of virtual off-campus projects in Audio Production I challenge students to get creative with recording.

Through tutorials and lavalier microphones, a radio commercial is born. COVID-19 in the broadcast field challenges journalists to work as a collective to offer new methods to keep the audience informed. Audio Production I challenged students this semester to go outside of conventional studios to get the job done.

Whitewater Student Government meets virtually to address options on behalf of students addressing ongoing COVID-19 virtual organizing

President Jody Wentworth expressed frustrations with her organization reiterating Senator committee representation November 9, 2020.

The Whitewater Student Government collectively bargains on behalf of students who are seeking change on campus. As residence halls begin to vacate November 20, Senators receive warning by Pres. Wentworth who are not showing up to committee meetings. Director of Student Affairs Jaida Shallaugh focuses on distributing information without in person meetings, while Director of Academic Affairs maintains Satisfactory No Credit negotiations facing COVID-19 campus virtual membership vacancy.

The Whitewater Student Government organizes change on campus centrally focused on addressing student grievances. The organization seeks to impact University of Wisconsin Whitewater online dealing with campus social distance restrictions for meetings in room UC 259. Pres. Wentworth faces the challenges student present as the voice of the organization to ensure the student voice gets heard.

Madison College offers opportunities for students to virtually showcase projects for corporate social responsibility

Madison College seeks students who go above and beyond as leaders to bring projects forward for virtual showcase display starting December 3, 2020.

Outpost 422 corporate social responsibility seeks to assemble a Madison College University of Wisconsin philanthropy to combine the Center for Entrepreneurship with the Journalism Certificate Program. Bradley J. Burt shares his journey utilizing the Wisconsin G.I. Bill to overcome the impossibility of surviving by going back to school. Outpost 422 offers resources Burt shares with veterans in crisis as a WordPress administrator for the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation.

The Madison College Virtual Showcase submission ends November 22, 2020. Burt continues to develop a Live Plan philanthropy business plan through the Small Business Development Course through the Madison College Center for Entrepreneurship. Corporate Employee Assistance Programs helped him win his appeals while journalism writing opened portals to overcome the impossibility of surviving in school.

COVID-19 impacts the Warhawk Vote outreach Friday before the presidential election

High noon Friday before the presidential election at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater ramps up students to vote and become active with civic duties.

The Political Science department works with the Whitewater Student Government through a campaign called “Warhawks Vote” utilizing the Hamilton Room for public speaking and tabling. The Hamilton Room at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater hosts events for students and voters to attend. COVID-19 cancelled the event creating flux on campus by sending the long standing tradition to campaign online.

Journalism majors take on the task of answering the call on campus to cover Election Day events for News Reporting for Media. The flux between Political Science and Journalism covers the territory between all branches of the Constitution including the fourth estate. COVID-19 event cancellations continue to challenge both fields with social distancing, limited interaction on campus, left to the means of being creative, innovative and collaborative when covering the election.

Overcome Impossibility: A Service Officer’s journey as an Adult Student pursuing the field of multimedia journalism

The Crux and the Crucible

As a returning student later in life, the hardships I face in the learning environment turn disastrous with the drop of a dime. The crux of making mistakes leads to the crucible of being overwhelmed with intrusive thoughts. Journaling and self regulation during panic attacks prevent future hardships.

Outpost 422 offers tricks to becoming successful despite uncertainty. Weathering the storm starts with communication and the blog service is your watchtower. The crux develops from the crucible and the narrative starts with microinsults leading to intrusice thoughts. The Outpost 422 blogs are an exhibit of class projects and occurrences when dealing with microaggressions. Be cautious, considerate and for God’s sakes, use your brain when collaborating accommodations with professors. Cut them some slack.

The Narrative

As a veteran who receives free tuition through the Wisconsin G.I. Bill, crowdsourcing and networking help when impulsiveness overcomes impossibility. Multimedia journalism across the globe spreads like wildfire with social injustice. Awareness through multimedia journalism helps develop an understanding of socially acceptable behavior. Madison College opened the door through the Journalism Certificate Program, where the pilot for Outpost 422 began. The storytelling of the Outpost shares features from vets who served in America’s classrooms and outposts as light fighters.

Report Panic Attacks to Your Disability Coordinator.
Requesting accommodations oftentimes leads to combative exchanges with members of the university. There will be times when you trouble the flow of lecture presentations. Learn to write your thoughts out instead of getting confrontational. The key to impulse control starts with self-regulation.


Writing out your thoughts and analyzing rhetoric commonly found in environmental microaggressions will open up doors to journaling events. Do not panic. Asked to be excused if need be. A small pocket recorder protects your college investment.  Microaggressions crop up when asking for accommodations. Be vigilant when uncovering them. The 11th hour pops up the minute micro assaults rear their ugly head. You are the detective. Record them, journal them and wave them around on display for the next person who is unaware they exist. They will write your Gonzo ringside story.

October 23, 2020 10:56 a.m. calming moment

My first mission seeks to train members of the community how to conduct microaggression analysis. I will be conducting a communications survey and analysis to develop microaggression awareness campaigns. Speech develops intrusive thought. Microaggressions get phased out through awareness. Respect collects rewards.

The Journey

As a Service Officer in the classroom, opportunities arise when conflict spreads like wildfire. Distance learning stresses everyone out. The outpost looks out through an objective lens to report through blogs.

The Journal

The Fall 2020 Experience journals offer outlets to all viewers who are in crisis. The goal with journaling through the experience opens minds afflicted by the Veil of Ignorance. Objectivity and collaboration share positive and negative experiences for all who relate. The journal seeks grant funding for undergraduate research to develop corporate employee assistance strategies, survey data collection, sample vouchers and Q and A panelists.

The Fall 2020 Experience journals from UW Whitewater and Madison College help write catalyst recovery services for the next venture as a data collection agency. Small Business Development Live Plan updates made weekly will open funding opportunities in pursuit of a mobile multimedia studio. The internship starts at Madison College and ends with Corporate Communication. Blogs offer solutions in the heat of the moment. If you have Terminal Brain Injury, check out the following project. Blue light from computer screens can cause migraines and triggers. Mindfulness helps awaken in the moment when dealing with panic.  This week’s Audio Production I project sought to tackle a new item on the spectrum eye charts called “Computer Vision Syndrome.”

Please keep an eye out for the 20-20-20 Rule. After tacking Adobe Audition and meeting with my professor off hours who graciously went above and beyond, I present to you the audio for Outpost 422. Our next phase in blogcasting seeks the listening ear for survey for calming mechanisms. The joy of stress develops through fruits of labor. The crux developed through the journey of the crucible weighs heavily on the merits of the narrative. Synchronous learning is strenuous. The challenge of taking a Satisfactory/ No Credit saves GPA, but creates flux in the flow for the next student in line when taking courses over again.

The purpose of the Outpost 422 project as a brainstorm service seeks to address ad hoc solutions regarding campus protection for administration and faculty from harm and protect your rights as a student. Please comment below for tips and advice or email our pressroom at bobcobbfreepressink@yahoo.com to share your Satisfactory/No Credit feature story. One testimony can change the outcome of the University of Wisconsin. We are a conflict resolution revitalization service.