The next phase of the Outpost 422 brand development and recent happenings with the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars tampering with the brand

Outpost 422 is an ongoing documentary about the journey of a Service Officer who utilizes the Wisconsin G.I. Bill to help those who are at-risk find resources.

July Brand Report

A complaint filed with Wisconsin Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars noted the forgery of the Outpost 422 Service Officer’s report submission by Past State Commander and National Council Member Gundel Metz.

The report outlined the next phase of development to bring decommissioned smart phones to homeless shelters to offer access to VA Mindfulness virtual services in Dane County.

As Post Newsletter Editor-in-chief, Metz did not allow for the Post Service Officer report to be published who wrote up her own report and altered Post documents.

Metz forged Post Service Officer Brad Burt’s name on a report she created. Metz’s first mistake failed to recognize Burt goes by Bradley J. Burt when publishing official documents, who also publishes all documents on behalf of the Outpost 422 brand.

The brand is his virtual Service Officer office.

The complaint was brought before the Department Judge Advocate Adam Wallace. Wallace followed up with a phone call after receiving the complaint and promptly sought to meet with Outpost 422 editor-in-chief who serves as the VFW Post 1318 Service Officer.

The same occurrence happened during the pandemic when American Legion Post 501 Commander Tom Stolarczyk tampered with Burt’s adjutant reports who made alterations to the Post Constitution and Bylaws.

The Post began updating their Constitution and Bylaws despite Past State Commander Bud Mautz’s 11-month hiatus as the Post Judge Advocate. Mautz refused to show up to Executive Committee meetings to avoid the pandemic.

The Judge Advocate enforces sanctions and alterations as a representative of the Constitution and Bylaws. Outpost 422 served Post 501 as both Historian and Public Relations Committee Social Media Outreach to make record of changes to allow the Judge Advocate to approve during the pandemic.

Both organizations received complaints at the department level who noted the limited scope the department has when dealing with rogue behavior by Posts.

Unfortunately, complaints filed with department organizations have limited scope as to what punishment can be handed down due to nonprofit filing status. Something must be done to change the scope of Post document tampering, which is the topic of discussion for this month’s report.

This month’s brand report shares the current harm caused by the VFW to the Outpost 422 brand. The brand was allowed to be used in reports of the past.

Wallace agreed to require Metz to publish a formal apology and to notify Post membership of the occurrence. As of 7/20/2021, the brand has yet to receive a formal letter from Metz apologizing for publishing a newsletter on behalf of the Post that was willfully forged as the editor.

Journalism integrity from editors seek to be transparent. Forgery is dishonest and is the unbecoming of a Past State Commander.

In closing, the brand is stepping into the next phase of development and will be a pilot program for transfer students who attend Madison College. The VFW must be held accountable when their brand attempts to silence another brand from issuing any press release for record keeping purposes.

Ultimately, as a veteran transfer internship, Outpost 422 cannot look the other way when Post membership abuse happens as a hazing mechanism by an executive officer. We are a guardian watchtower. The brand does not condone black hat behavior.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

Outpost 422 founder and editor-in-chief

Mindfulness apps help navigate Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder

The Veterans Administration continues to provide self-help apps through Google Play and iTunes. The Mindfulness Coach app helps alleviate fear of the unknown by staying in the present.

The Mindfulness Coach app provides support and guidance with grounding, body scanning, goal-setting and mastery assessments. The Veterans Administration seeks to assist those who are uncertain of the future find hope.

Simply download the app to begin traveling the road to awareness. Mindfulness connects the mind, body and soul with nutrients to face the day.

If you are in crisis, please feel free to fill out the contact form in the toolbar and a Service Officer will help point you to options available to veteran patients.

If you are homeless, dial 1-877-4AID-VET to connect with an operator right away.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Marion C. Cranefield Post 1318 of Madison, Wis. Service Officer Report Post Membership Meeting July 5, 2021

Service Officer launches inclusivity campaign through the Madison College Social Media Marketing and Mastering Mindfulness Course. The project seeks $50,000 to fund an interactive social media mindfulness campaign to examine the lasting mental health effects of Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder through virtual bootcamp.

Post Service Officer Topic of Discussion

The University of Wisconsin works with the Veterans Administration to develop inclusivity campaigns on campus for corporate and health communication class projects.

The Veteran Administration funds mindfulness campaigns to help veterans recover from the pandemic.

Mindfulness campaigns created through undergraduate research provide access to  mental health grants through the VA to the University of Wisconsin to conduct corporate conflict resolution research.

Student veterans can elect to use campus services. Social media platforms offer the means to conduct case studies, which connect with those in crisis, but only if the individual owns smart technology and has access to a device.

The ongoing dilemma amongst homeless and rural veterans is having adequate access to virtual resources. The Post Service Officer can help veterans reintegrating into the workforce obtain free decommissioned devices from corporations like Amazon.

By hosting bootcamps and workshop blogs to connect with those in crisis as an online virtual office through WordPress, a Service Officer can work with individuals indirectly, which increases the chance of success during times of suicidal ideation.

Bootcamps help Posts connect with the veteran community like a watchtower in combat.

The Operation: GreenScape Mindfulness Bootcamp Class Project

Operation: GreenScape Mindfulness strategies provide direct access to VA programs, chaplains and links to locate resources. The social media crowdsourcing campaign works with the Wisconsin Capitol Police as a guardian angel mission.

The bootcamp equips those who are displaced with a decommissioned smart phone to access apps in times of crisis.

Smart devices in free WIFI zones allow those in crisis direct access to strategy apps. Having access to downloaded apps reduces the risk of homelessness and suicide. Apps save lives.

  • The Veterans Administration offers the Mindfulness Coach app to enhance daily routines.
  • During times of crisis, the VA offers quick access to resources through the PTSD Coach app that can help with rhythmic breathing and strategies to cope in the moment.
  • Outpost 422 offers at-risk veterans a place to find their way out with a directory of Service Officer, Chaplain and social media services.
  • The sole purpose of Operation: Greenspace seeks to catch those in crisis with a social media safety net when trouble arrives.
  • The group is in the 501 c 3 planning stages and hopes to launch in September.

The Operation: Greenspace Mindfulness Bootcamp class project works virtually as an interactive campaign through mobile marketing to raise mental health inclusivity.

Operation: Greenspace launched through the Madison College Center for Entrepreneurship’s Mastering Mindfulness Course. The course material offers strategies to create campaigns centered around suicide and relapse prevention.

The Solution Offered by Madison College

Madison College continues to encourage students to take The Mastering Mindfulness Course, which offers four classes as a part of a series.

Each week, the student reflects upon new mindfulness techniques that focus on personal strengths, forgiveness, listening and intuitive skills, to include an abundance of skill building exercises.

Veterans who are eligible for the Wisconsin G.I. Bill can take advantage of free college classes to expound upon the services received by the VA.

Mindfulness processes lingering grief—the byproduct of moral injury.

Mindfulness funding connects those who mourn with an opportunity for mental health wellness by using veteran grants to fund campaigns. The Veterans Administration provides weekly virtual services centering patients around mindfulness, which can be offered through private care employee assistance programs.

Operation: Greenspace Mindfulness Programs seek to connect with corporate social responsibility philanthropy grants to develop campaigns at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater by screening homeless veterans in Dane County.

The project launches in September to collect funding for mobile marketing ad campaigns and outreach at state and national conventions.

The sole purpose of the class project seeks to understand the needs of those displaced and to return at-risk veterans to their military mindset by starting over and reintegrating through virtual mindfulness bootcamps.

Mental health funding reaches over $1.8 Billion per year for mental health trials through the Veterans Administration.

The William S. Middleton Veterans Administration Hospital’s trial offers yoga and meditation classes encouraging veterans to join. Mindfulness combats the aftershock of readjustment into civilian life and offers the necessary skills to survive waves of becoming overwhelmed.

Veterans receive help with managing anxiety and depression through meditation and self-reflection to stay grounded in the moment.

What about everyone else? Help has arrived at Operation: Greenspace Mindfulness Bootcamps by providing VA literature to all who are in need.

Service Officer seeks the help of the Wisconsin State Capitol, The University of Wisconsin, corporate angel investors and the press to connect those in need with smart devices to include a hot spot for all at Lisa Link Peace Park in Madison, Wisconsin.

Phase Two: Meet with Madison Graphics to Create a Mobile Marketing Search Mission

Operation: Greenspace Mindfulness Bootcamps work with Post members to locate resources for use on smartphones.

As a guardian angel mission, the smartphone over watch seeks to locate those who are in distress.

As a community watchtower, the collective body and hard work of the interactive campaign will focus on developing intuitive skills developed in combat to work on transitioning into civilian life or readjusting from long-term periods of unemployment or homelessness.

Respectfully Submitted,


Bradley J. Burt

Veterans of Foreign Wars Marion C. Cranefield Post 1318 Service Officer


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student veteran plans campaign to collect archive to investigate Lieutenant Jerome A. Volk’s crash site

Outpost 422 seeks to assemble a strategic planning committee to launch interactive social media archive campaign.

On Memorial Day of 2021, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1318 Service Officer Bradley Burt announced the campaign to bring home Wisconsin POW MIA through his senior Capstone class project on the Outpost 422 Facebook page.

Burt treats Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by investigating stories about those who are missing-in-action to help their families find closure.

Burt seeks to attend conventions to display archived documents and work with a street team through his social media digital marketing campaign class project starting June 21st at Madison College.

The Sacred Warrior Academic Search Mission 

Burt’s Senate Bill 446 Webhawk News final class project lit the fuse to investigate and reseurrect stories of those still missing from the Korean War conflict.

The Outpost 422 campaign Facebook page seeks historians and documentarians to help investigate Korean War missing-in-action starting with Lieutenant Jerome A. Volk.

Lieutenant Volk’s last known whereabouts:

Lieutenant Jerome Volk returned to duty after flying P-51 Mustangs in World War II. Volk returned to the Korean War conflict to fly the first jets to come out of the previous war. Volk’s P-80 Shooting Star went down after being strafed by enemy artillery fire on November 7, 1951 who remains listed as, “dead while missing.”

We need your help locating lost documents.

Outpost 422 seeks to collect, inspect, and collaborate with the Volk family and The Wisconsin Air National Guard to digitally archive material through blogs as an interactive campaign.

The next phase of the blog-cast mission seeks to wrap the Outpost 422 archive cargo van through Madison Graphics to launch Operation: Greenspace.

The Operation: Greenspace Campaign Brings the Story to Life.

Starting June 15th 2021, the Outpost 422 search mission will seek to assemble recruits for the Operation: Greenspace scavenger hunt to locate footage and documents. Items will be scanned and vetted by the Volk family for publishing purposes.

Once footage receives approval, documentary provided through the Autumn Landmine Productions screening will accredit all footage to rightful owners with rewards for joining the mission.

The social media smart device over watch sends the message we never leave the mission to locate our POW MIA.

The call to our nation’s missing starts by sending your files to


Service Officer recalls UH-60 Blackhawk rotor wash experience while sling loading the M119 Howitzer in the heart of the 10th Mountain winter

One thing separating the 10th Mountain from all other branches is the memories of lake effect snow and blistering cold in the field.

Fort Drum, New York hosts the worst case scenario for the enlisted. The Division notoriously breaks Army physical training regulations who beats down soldiers in their first tour, especially if the warrior reports their frostbite on sick call.

Being a cold weather casualty as a Battalion Command Driver does—not—please the Commander. Not one bit.

The rotor wash is the stare from your Lieutenant Colonel who just downgraded your Army Accommodation Medal to an Army Achievement Medal for your end of service award.

Rotor wash is the worst freezer burn on earth.

Although the YouTube featured helicopter is a Boeing CH-47 Chinook, the rotor washes the ground with ice nails pelting you in the face. You embrace the suck.

The rotor wash from an angry First Sergeant who wants your Dishonorable Discharge on his desk pierces your soul. You hand him a 10th Mountain Band reenlistment instead. The paperwork mysteriously disappears and your re-enlistment window magically vanishes like the cold in Spring.

Rotor wash is the flack you received serving in a war nobody knows existed. You feel deflated. You are the Jaded Patriot.

The Jaded Patriot knows the agony at the Cancer Treatment Center at the Veterans Administration who teeters with Agent Orange language.

The VA Comp and Pen board knows how to play chess. We Jaded Patriots trained cadets at West Point. We play chess the General George Washington way.

The rotor wash is the razor burn of the Jaded Patriot. Rotor wash is civilian transition. The Veterans Crisis Line is the virtual medic. If you are struggling…Please download the PTSD Coach App or dial 1-800-273-8255 Press 1.

The hand of hope is there when the sting of transition guts you empty like the third world you left

Outpost 422 launches interactive Kiva campaign through community inclusivity and awareness over watch at Operation: Greenspace

Operation: Greenspace tackles discrimination through Kiva inclusivity campaign. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is not exclusive to veterans who served after Post 9/11.

Exclusivity is an ongoing problem with the veteran community hanging onto military adversarial micro aggressive habits condoned while in service.

Veteran organizations create niche markets singling out individuals based on discharge.

The ongoing problem amongst veteran organizations stems from a lack of accountability.

Not all who serve deploy to hot zones, and even when individuals do, members from prior wars endorse campaign discrimination. Campaign discrimination creates hierarchy amongst veteran organizations who haze members who did not serve in wars like Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sadly, the veteran also receives hazing from professors who tote an anti-war-anti-American-pro-communist agenda. Organizations turn the blind eye to the ongoing problem who choose not to get involved.

Is this how we thank each veteran for their service? Free education and hazing?

The battle wages on with anxiety and depression having nowhere safe to turn.

Where does a veteran turn when exclusivity robs them of their right to receive equal benefit from membership of both the university and the organization?

The complexity of hazing starts with singling members out. 

Majority of veterans hide their mental health condition worried about receiving hazing from speaking out about receiving discrimination.

Exclusivity triggers Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Outpost 422 founder Bradley Burt’s experience as a Service Officer witnessed Commanders of the American Legion tell him to “grow some thick skin” after addressing Executive Committee regarding concerns about membership inclusion.

Outpost 422 works as an inclusivity auditing agency.

As a student veteran blog reporting website, the organization seeks to write a press release mandating all veteran organizations file inclusivity reports by both the Commander and the Adjutant.

Campaigning and outreach stop the stigma amongst the veteran community. The time is up. We can no longer tolerate the hazing of members who talk about having Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Hazing is against the law and immoral.

Drop us a line in the contact section if you are being hazed by a veteran organization and we will gladly investigate by contacting your Post.

Join our mission at Operation: Greenspace. Unity cultivates inclusivity and need not grow thick skin for your injuries suffered in service.

The Solution. 

Create a 501 c 3 full dress inspection through discretionary audit and interview each member of the Post with 21 questions.

As a guardian, the persons uploads the footage to our Operation: Greenspace home page and show examples of how not to behave as a veteran.

Outpost 422 inspects each inclusivity audit with a West Point General George Washington cross examining of a witness. The individual must undergo a 90-day observation through our blogs on the Operation: Greenspace inclusivity training website.




E-seed Veteran Entrepreneur Course at Fox Valley Technical College provides 10th Mountain Division Service Officer the tools to start up Operation: Greenspace

10th Mountain Division veteran Bradley Burt seeks board of directors and corporate investors to assemble a website for a Capitol at-risk veteran checkpoint starting April 28.

As a veteran student who attends the University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley Technical College and Madison College as a consortium student, Burt seeks to apply for startup grants to fund a monthly interactive newsletter to write and report about the needs of clients.

The Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation works to establish the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade State Street Mission as a guardian angel task force.

Operation: Greenspace is the cooperative newsletter consisting of panhandlers, buskers, and those who are seeking to record cellphone footage for website storytelling.

The following press release addresses Burt’s journey in search of a $25,000 Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs nonprofit grant in September.

For press inquiries: email

Burt will be pitching his proposal to 1 Million Cups Appleton on Wednesday April, 28 at 9:30 a.m. Interested sponsors, angel investors and board candidates have until July 31st to apply. Platinum sponsors receive advertising on global cooperative newsletter. Please leave a comment or fill out a request form on the brigade guard tower contact page.


The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019: Are you eligible?

The Veterans Administration began receiving claims from Navy Veterans who served in blue water during Vietnam starting January 1, 2020.

The buddy check question: Are you eligible?

H.R. 299-The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019, became law June 25, 2019. The bill was introduced by ranking member Representative Mark Takano of the House Committee of Veterans’ Affairs.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides eligibility information through Choose VA communication. The information outlines what a veteran can expect when claims receive approval.

The Veterans Administration offers a “Vessel Locator Tool” for those who question their eligibility. The locator tracks records and digitizes deck logs scanning names and providing the beneficiary with a quick answer.

Please take a minute to reach out to the VFW, DAV, or the American Legion for assistance. Membership provides opportunities to serve and help the community.

Please feel free to leave a comment or reach out to a Service Officer by filling out the contact form.

Governor Evers’ budget includes funding The University of Wisconsin Missing-in-action Recovery and Identification Project

Governor Tony Evers’ 2021-2023 budget disbursed funds to the University of Wisconsin Missing-in-action Recovery and Identification Project after surviving budget cuts.

Funding for the project sat idle throughout 2020, pending approval by Wisconsin legislators, despite the unanimous support by senators after the October 22, 2019 public hearing.

The public hearing presented Senate Bill 446 by Senator Roger Roth of the 19th District, which sought the allocation of $360,000 over two years.

Senators recognized cutting the funding of the project could be a controversial issue after consulting with veterans like Al Labelle who testified. Labelle spoke on behalf of Disabled American Veterans of Wisconsin as their media coordinator.

DAV of Wisconsin spoke in favor to endorse the repatriating of remains to bring closure to the families of those still missing.

On October 29, 2019, spokesperson Al Labelle of the Disabled American Veterans of Wisconsin testifies before senators speaking in favor of Senate Bill 446.

One of the missing is Wisconsin servicemember First Lieutenant Jerome Volk. His P-80 Shooting Star crashed in North Korea after being shot down by artillery in 1951.

The October 2019 public hearing presented testimony from Lieutenant Jerome Volk’s niece, Jeri Volk-Barry. Her testimony provided insight of the benefit the Volk family receives from the UW MIA Recovery and Identification Project.

“The fact that Jerry has never been returned has taken a toll on our entire family and continues to do so. In all honesty, with so many years passed, I had no hope until recently that will ever happen,” Volk-Barry said speaking in support of Senate Bill 446.

The hope Volk-Barry spoke of acknowledged the efforts of the project, which located three servicemembers so far. Each two-year term funds the locating and identifying of up to three missing servicemembers from Wisconsin.

The public hearing offered testimony from members and supporters of the veteran community who all spoke in favor of funding Senate Bill 446.

Volk-Barry’s testimony shared her family’s ongoing challenge to keep hope alive stating:

  • The Volk family receives updates from the Department of Defense who fully supports funding the identification projects.
  • Wisconsin families will receive hope and closure from project funding, which provides advances in science and technology when identifying missing servicemembers.
  • Funding the project will open side doors, which works outside the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense when locating and identifying remains.

COVID-19 prolonged the search for Lieutenant Volk stalling the momentum of the project. On April 1, 2020, Senate Bill 446 went back to the Wisconsin State Assembly for ratification, which allowed legislators to address specific reasoning for funding through Joint Resolution 1.

The project faced the reality of budget cuts.

The group continued to press forward despite facing potential setbacks by planning their next location site. The group plans their travels abroad in teams to conduct archaeological surveys.

The team investigates and inspects crash sites and last-known geographical whereabouts by connecting with members of The Department of Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency registry.

 “The team members maintain their focus on a goal that conducts elicit research with each case thoroughly surveying a crash or burial site to extract remains. As a senior study of archaeology, the project has allowed me the opportunity to learn and conduct the practical application of many skills,” said University of Wisconsin-Madison Archaeology Senior Torrey Tiedeman as a spokesperson for the project.

Tiedeman served in the War on Terror as a Marine Corps Infantryman whose career passion seeks to serve the veteran community. Tiedeman spoke about the rewarding experience of finding the remains of those lost.

Tiedeman testified about the impact the project has on our nation when Wisconsin invests in bringing our missing servicemembers home.

On January 21, 2021, the Wisconsin State Senate passed Senate Bill 446 unanimously. The project will continue moving forward resiliently coming out of the pandemic.

The University of Wisconsin Missing-in-action Recovery and Identification Project supporters hope the day will come when our scholars bring Lieutenant Jerome A. Volk home.

Upcoming workshops for Veteran Readiness and Employment virtual events with the Veterans Administration

The Veterans Administration hosts virtual workshops in April for veterans seeking assistance with education and employment.

The Veterans Readiness and Employment workshops assist veterans with tools to advance their career. To be eligible, one must qualify to use VA services. Contact Patrick Grube at: to take advantage of the great opportunities workshops provide.

The upcoming schedule:

VA VRE Spring 21 Events (1)


If you would like more information, please fill out a form on the outpost 422 contact page or click on the sidebar widget for our Service Officer’s contact information. VR and E works to rehabilitate disabled veterans and those eligible with gainful opportunities to advance their career. The VFW, DAV and American Legion offer supplemental information to members on their websites.