The John Q. Battlefield Download PTSD Coach App Challenge and Foundation

Our Challenge

We are looking to raise awareness for veteran suicide. We boost blogs on Facebook to spread the word how the PTSD Coach app works and how we, as Americans, can fight to end the 22 Veteran per Day Suicide statistic through media campaigns.

We want this to go viral to help prevent veteran suicide. Please spread this challenge around!

Our donations page

All proceeds go to support students who enter into the University of Wisconsin Liberal Arts Transfer Program at Madison College support veterans who use the Veterans Integration Transitional Academic Leadership Program collect scholarships through the Madison College Clarion.

Donations accepted here:

The John Q. Battlefield Search and Rescue Foundation

Donations Accepted Here:

We are creating a nationwide call for our veterans to locate archives for our missing-in-action to create writing therapy programs. We need your help to build our program to supply veterans with income assistance when struggling to decide whether or not they may need to make a career change to receive therapy. We also provide vouchers for homeless veterans who help keep our Wisconsin Capitol tip-top by volunteering through Capitol Law Enforcement.