‘I Will Not Forget’ cultivates inclusivity divided between traditional and non-traditional ideologies

The “I Will Not Forget” campaign leaves no sacred warrior behind. As of January 1, 2023, thanks to wisvets.com, the Outpost 422 blogger will become a federal lobby.

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This is a call to action seeking the dissolving of the veterans lounge at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, which removes Rolling Thunder Inc. and all Veterans of Foreign Wars members from conducting business on campus.

Members of both organizations have committed several restraints with publishing at Outpost 422. We are the resistance taking a stance against cultish behavior and hazing.

The federal lobby website officially opened through UW-W blogs and will develop photo slideshows and monumental flow code POW MIA murals for inclusivity, which doubles as a mandated reporting virtual outreach.

Please pledge to the campaign by endorsing our ten-point plan.

Respectfully Submitted,


Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422

Press Release: Outpost 422 merges the Lion of Judah Rastafari Church with the Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors lobby creating superpac Cannabis activism network through the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation

As of 12:53 p.m., August 6, 2022, I am declaring the Lion of Judah Rastafari Church my chaplain liaison and detox outreach subcommittee for the federal POW MIA lobby in Washington.

We are setting up a satellite service through the lobby newspaper, the Jaded Patriot Press, at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater through my Outpost 422 registered trademark corporate and health communication employee assistance capstone projects.

The Lion of Judah Rastafari provides heightened sobriety detox services on 12th step calls. We are assembling the 511th Rescue and Recovery Brigade Detox Chaplain service.

We are united under the Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors federal lobby and are starting up our newspaper through the Jaded Patriot Press UW-W blog press room headquartered at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

We are starting up a 90-day medicinal Cannabis sample and survey through corporate social responsibility declaring the “I Will Not Forget” campaign the campus distribution service.

The service is provided to members of religious groups and those who support the ideology of a permissive sacramental usage of religious Cannabis on campus.

The survey and sample examine the spiritual void of post-traumatic grief, and the revitalization of Cannabis spiritual recovery.

The doctrine will provide insight through the development of literature reviewed scientific research, and the creation of a universal on campus religious recovery practice.

That practice is called the Sacred Warrior Search and Rescue Foundation, which is a federal lobby sharing the experience of the Lion of Judah Rastafari Church’s attack by the county and city of Madison government.

Outpost 422 is the archive collecting information as history unfolds.

You can reach us at either the Outpost 422, the Jaded Patriot Press or the “I Will Not Forget” Facebook campaign page. We are seeking legal support and accounting services for our Whitewater sanctuary service.

We are cultivating inclusion amongst all warriors, not just veterans. We are helping the families of POW MIA find closure and bring the healing power to those who grieve.

Respectfully Submitted,


Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422 Registered Trademark

Press Release: Disabled veteran student quells hypervigilance by researching the POW MIA issue for class projects

Madison, Wisconsin—Outpost 422 CEO Bradley J. Burt’s class project became a registered trademark on March 15, 2022. His class project tracks his progress as a disabled veteran who received treatment from the Veteran Administration’s Cognitive Processing Therapy program.

The project started at Madison College through brand development with the Center for Entrepreneurship, which provides suicide awareness and adopted the 10th Mountain Division Bravo Troop 6-6 CAV, who is featured fighting in Iraq in the Netflix documentary “Apache Warrior.”

After completing the documentary storytelling course, Burt set out as a university backpack journalist introducing his trademark as a mechanism that helps those struggling with trauma find creative outlets. The trademark began by providing multimedia content to those overseas.

Burt’s blogger acts as the means for providing entertainment to the troops who visit his website Outpost 422.com, which tracks his writing progress dealing with brain trauma and provides examples of A+ graded papers for those pursuing a career in the writing field.

The trademark was featured in G.I. Jobs Magazine as one of the Student Veteran Leadership Award recipients in 2021. Burt is recognized as the first convergent media journalist at the University of Wisconsin.

Burt completed his convergent media capstone and is moving onto developing the capstone into an independent study and investigative journalism workshop that locates POW MIA open records through the Department POW MIA Accounting Agency.

Burt wrestles with ongoing barriers between both schools, who deals with retaliation at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.

Burt notified WDVA Secretary Mary Kolar regarding his interference received by Marines on campus that represent her organization. She continues to ignore Burt’s texts that relay the need for change.

Burt must seek Congress and the Veterans Administration in Wisconsin through the press, which addresses calling the parties forward, who are the recipients of complaints and cease and desist emails.

Burt’s requests seek the same VA accommodations he received at Madison College that the University of Wisconsin has ignored for three years. In 2021, Burt went without services after his social worker left for a different job.

The VA treats veterans short term, who are left vulnerable to intimidation and retaliation from their transfer schools who refuses them their VA care because the program is not authorized at the state level, according to vice chancellors and administrators.

When transferring from Madison College, where the Veterans Administration treats trauma on campus through the Veterans Integration To Academic Leadership program (VITAL), the university will not take accountability and allows student veterans from their VSO organization access to confidential information.

Burt was left unprotected at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where administrators allowed the president of the Veterans and Servicemembers Organization the ability to interfere with the veterans service coordinator at the time, whose name is Richard Harris, which led to an outburst in the Anderson Library where Harris received administrative leave advocating for Burt’s services.

Burt seeks the support of all organizations for creating a universal program for treating trauma on all University of Wisconsin campuses. You would think his campus community would support his efforts, right? Wrong.

Despite all of the ongoing turmoil over transferring services, Burt seeks help from Congress with locating the returned remains from North Korea for his independent study 498 class coming up in fall that helps him cope with retaliation by the university. Honoring the POW MIA is a selfless act worth fighting.

Burt has attempted to work with state-level leadership at the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Rolling Thunder Inc., who falsely published documents and restrained him from sharing his experience in publication as their Post Service Officer, which is immoral.

All avenues have been exhausted.

Burt sought the VFW as an advocate on campus. Instead, representatives of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Rolling Thunder Inc., Student Veterans of America, Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, faculty and administrators are putting barriers in place that create cultural incongruity and social isolation on campus, which is against the law.

To the press, please pass the word along there is a major issue with intrusion at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Warhawk campus. Please fill out the contact form if you would like to schedule an interview.

Are you a veteran in Wisconsin looking for an exciting pursuit with multimedia journalism?

The upcoming projects seek contributors and investigators for open records and interviewing. The projects are a part of a new privatized method of civilian readjustment.

May be an image of text that says 'Are you a veteran in Wisconsin contemplating going back to school? The Outpost 422 mission seeks interns and volunteers for creating a statewide veteran in distress social media overwatch to www.outpost422.com and fill out the contact form. Let's get you back in school. Outpost 422 Overcome Impossibility'

Outpost 422 is a pilot for a future readjustment program for all veterans despite their discharge. The program was created at Madison College for a class project, which is a call to action for a social media overwatch and virtual outreach relay system.

The program takes the veteran from enrollment at Madison College to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater journalism major aiding all who use the service every step of the way.

Think you have what it takes? Got the guts to jump in the deep end of the pool and learn to swim the rocky waters of being labelled as a non-traditional second-rate student?

Simply fill out the contact form in the tool bar and let’s get you back in the classroom right away.


Letter to the Editor: Legionnaires from Marshall, Wisconsin, seek justice with American Legion Department of Wisconsin after being asked to leave the organization

The ongoing crucible in Dane County with Post 279 of Marshall, Wisconsin, is the see-saw argument at the county meetings regarding who is the commander and adjutant.

Dane County Commander Gerald Scallisi loses his cool on staff members who question why they were removed.

Caleb and Valar Rogers, Post adjutant and commander, were escorted out at county meetings, which I witnessed happening as a service officer. Nothing was brought before me other than a phone call by my commander stating the two were being removed.

“For what?” I asked. I was told this did not concern me, which immediately became suspicious I was cosigning to something criminal like what happened to me at Post 501 of Madison, Wisconsin, who thrusted me into the role of adjutant during the pandemic.


Featured from left to right, Caleb and Valar Rogers, two brothers from Marshall, Wisconsin, were both adjutant and commander of Post 279. The Post deals with shake ups from the American Legion state commander on down to the American Legion Dane County Commander Gerald Scallisi, who had them removed several times from county meetings accusing them of falsely reporting during roll call.

The future is uncertain for the two candidates. Caleb continues to reach out to leadership who tell him to join the department holding Post but refuses.

Caleb has attempted to publish the following letter to the editor with no luck. Both began a Post revitalization effort and received backlash from higher authorities in the organization.

Outpost 422 was a reporting agency to the American Legion. Our press has removed our reporting from this scandal.

The American Legion District 3 continues to ostracize and forcefully remove Caleb and Valar. Both are long-standing members with a family history leading the American Legion.

One of the two mentioned to me at a meeting they received death threats. Upon hearing this, the choice was made to finish out the term as service officer and remove the outpost from ever serving the Legion again.

The future is at stake for the organization. Although the two are public enemy number ones, the two continue fighting the good fight.

Cultural Incongruity: What you as a disabled veteran transfer must know before transferring from Madison College

Cultural incongruity is a clash between two cultures competing for resources. Culture shock happens and student veterans begin to experience unwelcome exchanges, which happens in the veteran’s lounge at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

From the vantage point of a disabled veteran who attends two schools, and did so as a service officer, I witnessed cultural incongruity over a resource at the Anderson Library, which condoned adversity, favoring the Student Veterans of America instead of providing all with an alternative other than a Veterans of Foreign Wars sponsored program.

Not all veterans serve in war. As a member, the VFW has treated me horribly and do not wish to use their services. Instead, I am asking my brand have equal access to the same resources the Student Veterans of America are allowed.

This semester, we are facing cultural incongruity head on by meeting with the vice chancellor of student affairs for resolve before going to the Department of Education to report my college experience.

Our meeting will address specific requests, which include the discussion of backlash I have received last semester. Gaslighting and intimidation happened by the veterans services coordinator, which according to Aristotle is unethical and unwarranted.

A disabled veteran has the right to their privacy, which has been breached several times according to complaints from other veterans on campus. As an advocate for future transfers, I want to open a new path to civilian adjustment when conflict arises.

Uncovering the truth through research is the best defense for creating resolution. The truth is often hidden in plain sight and the student receives backlash for accommodations.

The exchange between students grows into a hostile learning environment and the veteran with a mental health diagnosis comes out the loser.

There is a mechanism for resolution here at Outpost 422.

Please join our mission. We are bringing cultural incongruity awareness to the University of Wisconsin through POW MIA inclusion.

As a collective bargain, we will face cultural incongruity with an open-door policy and access to a Veterans Affairs social worker in times of distress. Veterans deserve a quality of life allowing them success on campus.

The POW MIA are treated as the highest authority. We collaborate and publish the issue of bringing closure to families as a means for inclusion.

All Americans are afflicted by the POW MIA issue. Simply pledge to publish at least one item in remembrance of missing servicemembers left abroad. Fill out the contact form if you would like to be a contributor or post your contributions on the Outpost 422 Facebook page.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater can change the adversarial campus climate by a simple choice to build unity through POW MIA inclusion—the highest honor amongst all who served.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Independent Study 498 Strategic Planning Update: Convergent media student veteran investigates the whereabouts of returned POW MIA remains from North Korea

The following update reflects recent occurrences involving the next phase of the crowdsource and open records investigation of Korean War POW MIA.

Rolling Thunder Inc. Chapter 5, WI was removed from the future strategic planning operation being formed under the Outpost 422 registered trademark at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, which has launched a UWW blog for the investigative research project.

The Occurrence

On Saturday June 9, 2022, I reached out to Rolling Thunder Chapter 5, WI president and state liaison asking for help who shut me down.

I asked if it would be OK for Rolling Thunder Inc. national headquarters assist with connecting the outpost to the Department POW MIA Accounting Agency. I notified the chapter at the meeting a call was placed to Congressman Mark Pocan who has not returned my call.

After a post-membership meeting retaliatory conversation with the president, who expressed anger over published content on this website, I have resigned my membership.

I was unaware there was a problem. Either way, no organization has the right to restrict my publishing.

The Next Phase

The question I seek, “Where are the remains located from North Korea that were returned to the United States?”

The independent study 498 investigation is cold case and needs support. I am going through every nook and cranny with the Joint Senate and House Committee on Foreign Affairs and asking for an assembly of an ad hoc press subcommittee called “Outpost 422.”

The next phase of the journey excuses Rolling Thunder Inc. and the Veterans of Foreign Wars from any involvement due to recent occurrences.

Removal of Organizations

I admonish both organizations for tolerating abuse of authority that I have experienced by leadership on the state level.

The fourth estate of the Constitution protects free speech in the press. Those who attempt to shut down any publication of Outpost 422 from any organization are in violation of prior restraint.

The project picks up where the capstone left off and need help locating Wisconsin Air National Guard Pilot First Lieutenant Jerome A. Volk.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422

Are you a student at the University of Wisconsin who needs help with multimedia projects? Outpost 422 is on the look out for you

Little did I know, upon transferring to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater from Madison College, the journalism courses I took at the community college prepared me for future success as a broadcast, print and web journalism major.

I was unaware of the obstacles ahead and want to warn all of you who are headed down the path of journalism reporting. Starting out at Madison College through the journalism certificate program is your best bet.

Madison College provides innovative multimedia training not offered at the UW.

As a student with a disability, faculty from the Madison College journalism department provided a tutor. I found out later that multimedia tutoring was not available at the UW.

You are on your own. 

The UW expects the journalism major learn complex storytelling technology in two weeks. A student with disabilities cannot compete.

The software was extremely complex and hard to learn at first, which took me an entire semester to learn through labs and tutoring at Madison College.

Madison College was my saving grace and hope you will join future workshops to save you too.

We are all in this together. I want to help you learn the tricks of the trade to get you the best grade.

During the completion of the interactive blog and podcast capstone, the opportunity arose, which allowed the use of this brand for creating an on-campus virtual convergent media workshop that will help students succeed.

Now that the capstone is in the books, this website is here to help you uncover the miracle of Adobe software storytelling as your virtual outreach in times of distress.

After successfully completing the major spring semester ’22, an opportunity was presented, which led to working with the capstone professor, who loves helping students succeed in the journalism field.

We are collaborating during the fall ’22 semester through the honors societies between both Madison College and UW Whitewater by providing a welcoming opportunity for those who are new to convergent media.

The website is in the process of developing a workshop seeking aid for those who struggle by creating an interactive training model for the Independent Study 498 course.

Upon taking courses like documentary storytelling and social media writing for the journalism certificate program, the labs were helpful, and the professors were top notch.

After interviewing key figures at both broadcast and print reporting outlets, I later learned the pandemic created new technologies and got to work manifesting convergent media into a registered trademark.

The interviews recalled one thing in common.

The major press outlets expect journalism majors possess the knowledge of these new technologies, which are captured on this website.

Outpost 422 is a backpack journalism training workshop seeking those in academic distress find their way out and was a pilot written for the Practicum 2 course.

The pandemic has converged all forms of reporting and storytelling into one method called “convergence.”

The new reporting methods from the pandemic require students the responsibility of learning Adobe software as a major requirement. The task is extremely difficult if you have no background or experience.

But there is a solution. 

Come join the interactive Outpost 422 Multimedia Resource Center on Facebook and reach out here in the meantime.

The page contains previous posts and blogs from items on YouTube and Linked In Learning that will help you succeed. Do not wait until the semester begins.

Start learning Adobe software right away. Convergent media standards in the media require proficiency usage and implementation of Adobe software for visual story telling.

Keep checking back for upcoming announcements and fill out the tool bar contact form if you need immediate assistance.


The cost of attending two schools: Auditing your Wisconsin G.I. Bill allotment

Veterans who are 30 percent service-connected or higher, who live in the state of Wisconsin for five years or more, qualify for a benefit that grants 128 credits without penalty of failing or dropping a course.

The benefit is called the Wisconsin G.I. Bill. The journey offers an opportunity for surviving economic displacement.

The credits do not require specific majors or University of Wisconsin enrollment. The Wisconsin G.I. Bill works like a block grant offering the veteran the freedom of exploration across several fields.

In Spring of 2021, I used the Wisconsin G.I. Bill while attending the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Madison College and Fox Valley Technical College simultaneously.

When a disabled veteran falls on periods of long-term unemployment, college becomes a viable option.

Financial aid also assists veterans who are awaiting the decision for their disability determination with the Veterans Administration before launching their career. The state of Wisconsin opens the door of hope with free college.

There is a catch. 

Recently, I reached out to my veteran benefits coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater auditing my charged credits and found out 12 credits were charged without my authorization.

I attend both the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Madison College. Madison College charged my benefit without my permission.

I notified Madison College I wanted to suspend my benefits and save them for UW Whitewater. From fall semester 2021 to summer semester 2022, Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs did not receive communication from Madison College the benefit was suspended, who was charging me four credits per semester.

The 12 credit miscommunication costs roughly $5,000-worth of university tuition. 

Luckily, I have enough credits for fall semester, but I need 18 total for completion of my second major, corporate and health communication, which is this website.

The Outpost 422 public service announcement would like those who are using this benefit to check in and check out where you are at in the journey.

If you are a student dealing with this dilemma, make sure you reach out to your enrollment center and financial aid veterans’ representative before it’s too late.

Sadly, we are responsible for our college tuition tracking. There is no free lunch. 

Stay on top of your earned benefit. Keep checking back in on the outpost 422 website for updates regarding the development of my investigation.

Respectfully Submitted,


Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422 Registered Trademark

“Serving veterans on the frontline of academia while advocating for POW MIA diversity, equity and inclusion through college research class projects.”



Op-ed Call for Retraction: Channel 3000 showcases UW Whitewater bully alumnus who works for WDVA

The journey to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater at Outpost 422 began in fall of 2019.

I was met by a cocky and arrogant president named Curtis Lemke, who indicated openly he was out to get the veteran services coordinator fired. Lemke now works for the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.

Lemke was the spokesmodel for the “Combatting Veteran Suicide” event at the Monona Terrace Wednesday.

Channel 3000 showcased him without vetting his story.

The coordinator was an Army veteran named Richard Harris. At the time, Harris was my mentor showing me around campus, who warned me that “Lemke’s group, The Veteran and Servicemembers Organization, leaves unwelcoming notes in the lounge like ‘VITAL is for nutcases’ and fashions neck ties as a noose, which has gotten out of control.”

I was a student transferring from Madison College receiving hazing being a vet with PTSD from Lemke.

Lemke undermined the authority of Richard Harris. Administrators enabled him.

Lemke stepped out-of-bounds as the president discussing my disability without my permission. For those who meet Lemke, tread carefully.

My following Op-ed blows the whistle on a man who stepped in the way of my college success as a Veterans Crisis Line survivor utilizing Cognitive Processing Therapy from the Veterans Administration through a program called “VITAL.”

The Op-ed shares emails, exchanges and observations being ignored regarding Lemke and why he does not represent me, one of the 22, who called the Veterans Crisis Line in the 11th hour instead of ending my life.

The Roadblocks of Transition into the College Classroom

As a disabled veteran student, one who served with the 10th Mountain Division during the Somalia War era, I attempted college enrollment in the university on several occasions between 1997-2017 through the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, who faced multiple decades of denial for entry into the program at both Milwaukee and Green Bay locations, served by a man named Albert Hess.

Hess was the first person I met in civilian transition who said, “college was not going to now, or ever, be a part of my legacy.” Hess is what I call a driver for success.

Because of my experience with Hess, I created Outpost 422 for a class project, which tracks cultural incongruity throughout my journey as a past Service Officer for both the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. The blogs track class projects and occurrences I have experienced, which helps navigate vets like me, who transfer into academia from the William S. Middleton VA Building 22, avoid confrontation and lead a successful path to graduation.

The website serves the building 22 college veteran community as an academic guard tower. My goal is helping those like us graduate, who deal with hostile situations on campus being unaware of the danger transferring from Madison College to the UW.

This semester, I begin my second major, which is corporate and health communication, battling on the frontline as a Veterans Crisis Line survivor. Journalism, my first major I finished spring ’22, helps me cope with hypervigilance as a disabled veteran in the media with a CPTSD diagnosis.

My table at the WDVA suicide awareness event Wednesday provided both workshop and literary mechanisms that helped me overcome the impossibility of stigma attending the UW later in life.

The Dilemma

When I transferred from Madison College to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2019, I dealt with Lemke’s intrusion with transferring my VITAL services, which were not provided by the UW.  I was unaware of the level of adversity in the veteran’s lounge and trusted Lemke was not acting as an antagonist, who most certainly did.

I notified him through email that students do not arrange for disability accommodations and asked to use the office in the veteran’s lounge for my low-light accommodations I deal with having a brain injury. Lemke wanted the room for his office, which has never been granted.

I needed the office for virtual connect with my VA social worker during panic attacks. I met with the VA for arrangements.

Harris worked with both Madison College and UW Whitewater creating a multimedia center for vets with disabilities to use who deal with trauma informed injuries.

Lemke became enraged and attacked Harris, in retaliation with working with me. Outpost 422 is a mechanism for vets on campus and a pilot I wrote for journalism practicum.

By Veteran’s Day 2019, Lemke approached me in an aggressive tone and notified me he made arrangements that would not allow me the use of the office. He spoke with the vice chancellor and ordered me to use the community center, which was three miles off campus.

Lemke became combative during email exchange acting beyond his scope.

This was Lemke’s response:


I don’t need authorization from anyone to discuss anything with anybody. I also did not take any action regarding the VITAL program, rather we identified a great potential opportunity and relayed the information to you.

If you feel the need to disassociate yourself from the organization, that is quite unfortunate. We intend to support the adoption of VITAL at UW Whitewater regardless of your personal feelings.

My only intentions are to improve services for student veterans at UWW and I see you as an ally in that goal.

On that same regard Richard Harris and yourself[sic], do not have a monopoly on the advocacy thereof. I look forward to continuing in this endeavor[sic] hopefully with your support.”

-Curtis Lemke

President, Student Veterans Organization

The Problem

An advocacy monopoly? Wanting my accommodations transferred? His maniacal campaign grew worse and worse each day as he sought to create flux on campus within his organization and noted the office was his and would not give this up.

Lemke treats disabled veterans horribly. I am living proof.

He believes there is a turf war in the veteran’s lounge between him and Richard Harris, who went as far as staking his claim with a fabricated flag after graduation. The veteran’s lounge continues to condone bullying and harassment, which has transferred power to the new coordinator, whose name is Kris McMenamin.

I filed five complaints during the spring ’22 semester. McMenamin lied and told me I had to go through him first if I wanted to file any complaint regarding my mistreatment by faculty or speaking with administrators.

My experience with McMenamin is similar to my experience with Lemke.

McMenamin, an ex-law enforcement officer, cross-examined me, who acted beyond his jurisdiction.

Upon our email exchange, McMenamin began acting like Lemke discussing my disability openly in the lounge when other students were present.

We went into his office where he commenced the unethical act of poking holes and conjuring narratives with the motive to cover up occurrences with veterans on campus.

McMenamin does not work for students. He is employed by the university.

We met in the beginning of the semester regarding my trademark and Madison College honors project, who began challenging my claims made with my literature review in discussion.

His leadership style was authoritarian turning everything around on him in contrast to my disability and how I identify with my brain injury.

McMenamin attempted to gaslight me in his office saying, “I am sorry you feel that way,” which is a textbook gaslighting statement.

Lemke and McMenamin corroborated in the beginning of the semester. McMenamin became partial to Lemke. Both are Marines.

I made the statement clear on Veterans Day ’21 that there was an adversity problem. McMenamin turned a deaf ear.

McMenamin’s decision to ignore my request led to a heated exchange. He has been instructed not to contact me and am working with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director Dr. Kenny Yarbrough that McMenamin respect my no contact order.

Military culture on campus continues to condone the hostile learning environment. I gave my diversity speech being the recipient of the UW Whitewater “Arts and Communication Diversity Award 2021-2022” on Veteran’s Day during the 11th anniversary event.

The speech claims, “Diversity can beat adversity in the veteran community with a simple choice to endorse inclusion.”

My complaints call to action and attempt to stop adversity on campus bringing all together through the POW MIA for my capstone future projects.

I am receiving retaliation as a result.

My Response to Lemke: The Outpost 422 Solution

Lemke, Curtis;

Mr. Lemke-

I will recall the event today at the Veterans Day Ceremony for accuracy. You approached me.

You told me you met with the chancellor regarding my VITAL services and mentioned they would be relocated to a different facility. Is this correct? I interpret this as three things:

1. Taking matters into your own hands regarding my services provided at Madison College.

2. Speaking openly about my personal VA service provided to me as a consortium student who attends both Madison College and UW Whitewater.

3. You went to the vice chancellor to openly speak about my requesting PTSD services without confirming with me first.

This meets the criterion for discussing my medical services and condition protected by the Privacy Act of 1974.

I am also a VFW member as well.

You violated your oath as a VFW member according to the VFW Service Officer’s manual I am in possession of. As a Service Officer, I am not allowed to share nor discuss any information about anyone who comes to me.

I am supposed to refer them to the next person in line. Richard Harris is my line of sight between Madison College and UW Whitewater, not you.

I do not need to disclose my personal information to you as I am represented by DAV and have never once indicated in our exchange the express permissive use for your organization to share any of my medical services I receive publicly therefore, you breeched my confidentiality when you went to the vice chancellor to make these arrangements.




Bradley J. Burt

American Legion Post 501 of Madison, WI, Service Officer


For Channel 3000, I have sent out a request for retraction of the story. Lemke is not a hero. He is an antagonist.

I notified WDVA Secretary Mary Kolar on May 11, 2022 at 9:30 p.m. regarding the Richard Harris article, who continues to allow Lemke gainful employment at WDVA. Allowing someone who bullied a veteran transfer under his authority warrants the need for an Op-ed.

Lemke does not represent the 22. He is not a Veterans Crisis Line story. Instead, he picks on them and makes fun of people with disabilities.

We clearly have a problem with Gov. Tony Evers’ cabinet ignoring, aiding and abetting a bully who will stop at nothing to get what he wants at the expense of veterans.