Social media convergence and the digital reflection of self

When the average reader credits citizen journalist bloggers as trained reporters, who share clickbait and tabloid on social media, the result ends in the lack of transparency when consuming digital news. Consuming online news can trick the untrained eye leading to believing myths. Studying journalism acquainted me with world renowned philosopher Dr. John Rawls. Rawls opened my eyes to respect the habit of being the ends as a moral agent with my audience. Citizen bloggers masquerading as journalists rarely consider the reader’s right to decide the truth from false. My first habit inspects ethics and credibility before consuming blogs as news.

Blogs are my last resort when seeking online news unless the source has academic credibility like The United States Army War College. I seek legacy reporting websites as a first choice for national news. After interviewing members of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I quickly became acquainted with convergence reporting that had me intrigued. Viewers converge with print journalists online at and on Twitter during breaking news. The editors receive leads, then write the story once confirming source credibility as true. Convergence puts the credibility back in the hands of the reporter.

I follow The Post Crescent from my hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, which offers great lifestyle features at On a state level, The Wisconsin State Journal offers outlets for freelance reporters. I submit found footage through blogs and have interviewed reporters, editors and assignment managers for class projects.  As a writer in the freelance journalism community, I subscribe to the news that keeps me working. I consume my news from websites and endorse credible outlets who use editors with a solid reputation. The news I seek ranges from Wisconsin State Capitol hearings to Madison Common Council reports.

On an international level, I seek military editorials from and The U.S. Army War College as my go to favorite news sites. My pursuit to become a combat correspondent combined with my military service follows my childhood hero’s path of Walter Cronkite. My favorite local broadcast news site offers portals for uploading found footage at, who interacts with viewers.

Walter Cronkite pictured in the image provided by demonstrates courage and bravery of war correspondence who quickly became my childhood hero sitting on my father’s lap.

I prefer to access the news through Facebook pages and websites who converge with viewers because of social distance interaction and safety. Search engines help when I crowdsource niche subjects like veteran affairs for feature stories. Google comes in handy when seeking out newsworthy sources. I only use Google for searching out subjects to write about. I prefer to interact online with viewers when consuming the news.

Social media outlets and news resource pages allow convergence with readers. When consuming news, my first stop seeks out the opinion of viewers. Social media platforms offer leads. Breaking news coverage on social media offers added advantages. My primary resource for news consummation comes from social media outlets.

Convergence coverage between journalists and subscribers happens on-the-spot in the comments section. I tend to comment when a journalist makes an error or offers the viewer an opinion in their editorial. Journalism online allows for partisan editorializing with the ever-growing rise of citizen journalism. Commenting educates viewers when journalism ethics disappear.


Operation: Greenspace social media over watch opens doors to the Vet Center

The weight of military transition from combat and readjustment to a new routine may take an unexpected twist. Reaching out to the Vet Centers of America through the Veterans Administration helps warriors stay in the fight.

Do not give up hope. Help will arrive. Vet Centers of America offer a second chance to explore areas needing self improvement. Vet Center Services offered provide:

  • Individual readjustment counseling
  • Marital and family counseling
  • Referral for benefits assistance
  • Job referral

The National Homeless Veteran Hotline is 1-877-4-AID-VET. Homeless veterans in Dane County call the hotline to receive free services. The Vet Center assists those who are eligible from listed campaigns. Some Humanitarian Service Medal Awarded vets may be eligible. Reach out to the numbers listed to learn more. The VA hopes to continue to host public outings when COVID-19 subsides who is working remotely to assist veterans.

Reach out to the Vet Center by calling 1-877-927-8387 for their call center. The Madison VA Hospital provides information by clicking on the link here:

About the Madison Veterans Center – William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital (

The Madison Vet Center is located at:

1291 Sherman Avenue

Madison, WI  53704

(608) 264-5342 or (608) 256-1901 Ext. 16950

The Madison VA social workers can provide referrals to patients in crisis. Vet Centers offer community support ranging from mental health counseling, group counseling, trauma counseling, family therapy, and post-military adjustment to civilian life. Reach out anytime by either contacting the local office direct or the National Call Center. The National Call Center is available 24 hours per day and seven days per week.


Have you checked in with your Veterans Administration social worker? The first stop for a buddy check

The Veterans Administration offers services to veterans who end up with a service connected rating. Social workers offer veterans support trained to handle crisis at the VA.

What does a social worker do? Social workers come equipped with information to assist veterans at-risk of homelessness. Social workers know the ins-and-outs of VA programs offering information ranging from dental options to explaining individual unemployability. 

In order to access help from a social worker, you must be eligible for VA benefits first. Free information regarding filing claims starts by buddy checking in with a County Service Officer. If you are in the Madison, Wisconsin area and need help, please contact the William S. Middleton VA Hospital. The first step to obtaining access to VA services requires the veteran to apply for benefits.  Once the individual becomes eligible, the next step requires accessing information by registering at The VFW and DAV offer extensive information and individualized assistance outside of the VA.

The Madison VA Hospital Patient Advocate helps in times of trouble. Please continue to check in with your primary care provider during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please feel free to leave a message in the comments if you would like Outpost 422 to investigate VA services for future blogs. Stay safe and check in anytime. We are your crisis over watch.

Service Officer invites veterans to collaborate through social media to exchange information at the Operation: Greenspace virtual buddy checkpoint

Calling all veterans to post, comment, share footage or reach out for help on social media at our social media over watch at Operation: Greenspace. 

Operation: Greenspace works as a community guardian for Outpost 422. The service offers a chaplain portal at the Sacred Warrior Fellowship of the 11th Hour.  You are not alone. Take 30 minutes to cool down and listen to the video featured below if you are overwhelmed. Meditation helps ease a troubled mind.

Visiting connects veterans with resources. Every veteran may not be eligible for the VA, but the VA does offer information to all veterans. Connecting with chaplain services offers hope in crisis.

Operation: Greenspace utilize social media with hyperlink resources. The over watch amongst the light fighter community quickly identifies the need to put down the rivalry amongst our branches and connect. As community guardians who cultivate resources we overcome impossibility.

Thriving and surviving on over watch opens portals of hope by sharing blogs. Reach out to Outpost 422 anytime if you are reading this and would like to share your 11th hour survivor story. The independent service supports veterans across the globe. Please leave a comment below if you are in need of support or call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 Press 1.