Outpost 422 Relay Report: Combative proctoring and unethical ad hoc procedures by faculty in your UW system

Burt, Bradley J, Sr


Mon 2/13/2023 12:49 PM

Dear Gov. Tony Evers-

Over the past several months, I have been forwarding my concerns with my college education and the firsthand experience as a disabled veteran, nontraditional lower-class honors student, Congressional independent candidate dropout in the 2020 election, and a person who has been afflicted by abuse while attending multiple schools. Each of the hats I have worn in college have provided me the platform for addressing academic abuse of veterans that dates back to the Vietnam War.

Recently, I have been dealing with combative exchanges at both Madison College and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater you have been made aware of. For the record, you have been helpful and keeping me centered on my “I Will NOT Forget” campaign that started one year ago in the COMM 242 Team Building Course. I have included my video for your review. Dept. of Finance Secretary Peter Barca opened the door to hospitality and relay of my concerns at my WDVA E-Seed for Veterans class project where I launched my registered trademark at Outpost 422, which has a pending lobby license application.

We have a problem on our campuses with social isolation and intellectual refugeeism and need reform in your classrooms. We, veterans and disabled veterans, are a protected class being shunned and abused by those who are supposed to provide our supports. As of today, I have been dealt another occurrence with my freedom of academic expression. I am being told my independent study self-reflective methodology cannot be used for my class project that I rolled into my honors literature review at Madison College where I am being told I cannot modify.

I need your help. I am seeking your support for creating a veteran in distress open door policy through my brand and bringing you into the lifestyle we veterans face when attending college and utilizing our G.I. benefits. I am receiving backlash for publicly addressing these concerns. Please continue to support us as we continue to believe in change on our University of Wisconsin campuses and overcome our impossibility of dealing with conflict and aggression.


Respectfully Submitted,



Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422


(608) 852-1983

ATTN: GOV. TONY EVERS Disabled Veteran Student in the VA VITAL Program needs your help

Burt, Bradley J


  • info@wisconsin.gov;
  • Student Senate;
  • Bakken, Turina R

Thu 2/9/2023 9:33 AM

Dear Gov. Tony Evers-

I have been attempting to write you a literature review regarding the barriers and facilitators for success with veterans and servicemembers attending post-secondary education. I am writing to you today notifying you I am being ignored and denied the opportunity to write the paper due to the professor’s unethical side deals and abandonment of the project. I have notified my Student Senate president who cc:d two candidates in an email addressing my request to file a grievance. Under Wisconsin state shared governance procedures, I am required to notify Student Senate first who has not responded. I am notifying you I am going to the board of regents.

I am rolling everything into my Dept. of Education complaint between Madison College and UW Whitewater you have been made aware of. I need your assistance and would like an opportunity to sit down with you and create a strategy that excuses you from the sabotaging of my honors project. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I have cc:d my VA social worker for record keeping and complaint tracking with the VA records division. The project is a mess and I need to restore order. I also notified Dr. Jack Daniels III regarding my situation and cc:d Denise Rohan who understands the development of the project, which started when I was the American Legion Dane County Council service officer. I am writing to you today admonishing the behavior of the university and am seeking to excuse you from any liability.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422

Email to the Wisconsin governor regarding UW-W’s attempt to reopen my claim pending review by Dept. of Education

Burt, Bradley J, Sr

  • Kelly Cook <kcook@uwsa.edu>;
  • info@wisconsin.gov
Tue 2/7/2023 8:10 AM

Investigator Cook-

I have cc:d Gov. Tony Evers for the record whose staff contacted me and indicated will assist me with any concerns I have regarding our exchanges. Evers’ office shared with me your division representative’s email and the updates regarding Investigator Michael Kent. I asked you to redress my complaint against Kent not McMenamin. You have two complaints I have filed.

I do not trust the university, especially after being attacked by my Disability Coordinator Debbie Reuter last week over relaying my VA social worker’s concerns to my professor she interfered with, which Evers is aware. I am notifying the governor’s staff and will include him whenever occurrences happen, which I believe are backlash over filing complaints. I do not wish to undergo any more academic abuse like what happened when Kent disrupted my semester.

Attn: Gov. Evers,

Investigator Cook contacted me yesterday stating the university wishes to reopen my claim against University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Veterans Lounge Sergeant-at-Arms Kris McMenamin. My hate/bias complaint was filed based on a tip I received McMenamin allowed other students and not me the use of the lounge for exam proctoring, which I had requested the university allow since my transfer in 2019. I attempted to conduct an FOIA through Meghan Williams, who I have notified you has been nothing but rude to me. I am seeking your assistance with navigating amending my claim and am notifying you to please connect with your university delegates seeking to reopen my claim there is a Dept. of Education complaint pending. I believe the new complaint prevents them from reopening my claim I dismissed.

I need to amend my Dept. of Education complaint and add Debbie Reuter’s occurrence and am adding the Madison College occurrences I have cc:d you relating to my UW complaint with the Dept. of Education for review. After meeting with Kent, I have come to understand the incident is not exclusive UW Whitewater, therefore UW Whitewater cannot reopen my complaint on the grounds their employee attacked me as a student conducting research for Madison College as a dual learner. The complaint happened over two campuses. McMenanim aggressively attacked me and told me to withdraw my topic for my project, which was veteran attrition rates I was seeking from the university and pick something like veteran success instead.

The Dept. of Education will have the jurisdiction to roll my concerns into one investigation. I believe the university will make the matters worse and complicate my complaint if I enter into another investigation. The new investigation can wait until I am done with the semester and am asking you to request your university delegates to table the issue under old business. I can bring this before the board of regents and address the university’s unethical behavior if need be.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422

Email to the Wisconsin governor regarding my college experience as a VITAL transfer from Madison College

COMM 202 dilemma

Burt, Bradley J, Sr


  • Hansen, Brock J – DWD <Brock.Hansen@dwd.wisconsin.gov>

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Fri 2/3/2023 9:29 AM

Dear VA, UW Whitewater Benefits Coordinator Amy Moore, WSG President Will Hinz, Advisor Dr. Kathy Brady-

Please note, for your records, I am writing to you today to share with you my college experience. My Disability Coordinator Debbie Reuter called me this morning frustrated after emailing her regarding my concerns I shared with my VA VTIAL social worker. My concerns pertain to the content volume in my COMM 202 course overloading my memory, which develops into migraines.

I reached out to Reuter after our session to report my situation. I was met with rudeness and told I will have to drop the course. The university does not allow my VITAL counselor the opportunity to discuss the matter. Only at Madison College. For the past three years, I have attempted to exercise my Mission Act right to receive these services on campus and the university will not support me.

For the record, I notified my advisor Dr. Kathy Brady the professor was top notch and working with me. He is an exceptional and professional leader I look up to. We met via Web Ex, and he assured me that he would help me succeed. My conversation with Reuter was my relay based on my social worker’s concerns.

I notified her the content is overloading my sensory and stated the professor would allow me open notes if CSD allowed. Reuter would not listen nor entertain the idea and stated I do not have this accommodation. I am going to her boss and requesting a review of my accommodations. I have emailed WSG President Will Hinz seeking the information of her next line of sight.

I brought my concerns before my VA VITAL counselor on Wednesday. I let her know, who is cc:d in this email, I am dealing with another situation like what happened in Spring 2022, when I needed to take a “W” due to course overload. Reuter is telling me I need to take another “W” after my professor revealed another week’s worth of course instruction that is triple what other classes require.

How can a student with disabilities succeed? Especially after their window of swapping or dropping opportunity closes, and the professor reveals a new week’s worth of content, which the student reports exacerbate their disability? How can a disabled student prepare for that when their window of opportunity would have allowed them? From a social contract viewpoint, Aristotle would consider this argument as a means only moral dilemma.

Having another “W” on my record does not look good on a grad school application. I am unsure how I should proceed and need guidance from all parties I have cc:d to close out my last semester. I have been told by my advisor in previous emails I can walk at graduation this semester if I take a first session summer school class. I have been planning a new strategy since the first day of the semester and believe I have a legitimate grievance I need to bring before the VA, the Whitewater Student Government, the Wisconsin university system, and the Department of Workforce Development.

I have cc:d my DVR coordinator in this email and am making clear this is where I am for my check-in report. I may need to use Project Assist and try to work this out with the professor. I would rather take a D- and get the credits instead of a “W.” My disability coordinator is not working with me and does not represent me as a student. She says I have to drop the class if it’s causing me an overload and to reach out to my advisor first. I noted the ADA Act of 1990 argues that claim. The university must reasonably accommodate me and is not going to listen to what I have to say according to Reuter. I need your help.

P.S. Attn: Gov. Tony Evers. Please attach this to your ongoing relay file from my Outpost 422 firm.


Bradley Burt