The Wisconsin State Capitol POW MIA Flag is in Need of Replacing

The care for our POW MIA flag at the Wisconsin State Capitol Should Be Our First Priority

The condition of the POW MIA flag at the Wisconsin State Capitol is an omen of how far behind our Capitol has fallen with proper flag procedures. Veterans spend countless hours caring for flags and preparing for ceremonies as rifle teams. The Capitol is our representation to the nation of our token of appreciation for those who entered into service from Wisconsin. With the recent undermining by our Governor with flying three flags on one staff that breaks proper flag protocol, it makes me wonder where Tony Evers stands as an American. When our leaders neglect to properly care for our flags, the first question should be, “What kind of leader lets our flags fly to the point of becoming tattered?”

The Dilemma:

Displaying the American Flag

According to author Ben Webb of “ (2017)” wrote:

“To properly display the American flag, the POW/MIA flag, and a state flag together, certain precautions must be taken. First and foremost, the American flag must always have precedence. The flag should always be to its own right (or the viewer’s left) of other flags or in front of them, and never behind, below, or to its own left (the viewer’s right) of any other flags (except at church services given by naval chaplains at sea). The flag should also be illuminated if it is to be hung for 24 hours a day, otherwise, it should be run up the staff at sunrise, and lowered ceremoniously at sunset. The American flag should also be displayed in, on, or near every public institution, every polling place during elections, and every schoolhouse in America. When hanging the American flag indoors, or displaying it from a window, the Union (blue star field) should always be to the viewer’s left. If placed over a street, the Union should be on the north side of the flag (if the street runs east and west) or the east side (if the street runs north and south). Similarly, if the flag is draped in a building (hung straight down from its edge), the union should be to the north or east (depending upon the building location).”

Wisconsin is failing to meet the need to care for its Capitol flags.

The Impact: Ignoring proper flag protocol lends to the appearance we as a state are under duress. Our Governor can blast procedures he makes up on the fly with the recent pride flag stunt he pulled without consulting veteran organizations first. Why are we allowing progressives to undermine what we veterans have worked so hard to establish with drill and ceremony, respect to our elders who have been captured who have not returned home, and how are we evolving as veterans in our state?

The Solution: Take a moment to reflect on Governor Evers and his ignorance as a leader. We cannot possibly afford to continue down the path of allowing our POW MIA flag at the Capitol to look like a Revolutionary War relic. We start by contacting individuals like Al Labelle at Department of Veterans Affairs who have direct contacts with our Governor. Call our State Adjutant as well. The military leaders have jurisdiction over flag flying at the Capitol. They need to be put in check when veterans are not allowed on the roof to replace old flags our Governor neglects.

Al Labelle’s contact info:

Al Labelle

Wisconsin Benefits Protection Team Leader

Our State Adjutant Contact Info:

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