Overcoming Impossibility: The Outpost 422 Diversity Speech for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Scholarship and Convocation Event at Light Recital Hall

The Scholarship and Convocation Event hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater kicked off at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday September 14, 2021 at Light Recital Hall.

Dr. Kathy Brady nominated Bradley J. Burt who was scheduled to speak but unfortunately missed the event. After speaking with Director of Marketing and Events Audra Lange, Burt agreed to record his speech for his trademark at Outpost 422.

Diversity overcomes the impossibility of facing adversity. Outpost 422 values diversity by endorsing inclusion through class projects.

Diversity is the core value of the Outpost 422 trademark. Thank you Dr. Eileen Hayes, Dr. Kathy Brady and Director Audra Lange for your endorsement.

Diversity can defeat adversity by a simple choice to endorse inclusion.

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