Cultural Incongruity: What you as a disabled veteran transfer must know before transferring from Madison College

Cultural incongruity is a clash between two cultures competing for resources. Culture shock happens and student veterans begin to experience unwelcome exchanges, which happens in the veteran’s lounge at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

From the vantage point of a disabled veteran who attends two schools, and did so as a service officer, I witnessed cultural incongruity over a resource at the Anderson Library, which condoned adversity, favoring the Student Veterans of America instead of providing all with an alternative other than a Veterans of Foreign Wars sponsored program.

Not all veterans serve in war. As a member, the VFW has treated me horribly and do not wish to use their services. Instead, I am asking my brand have equal access to the same resources the Student Veterans of America are allowed.

This semester, we are facing cultural incongruity head on by meeting with the vice chancellor of student affairs for resolve before going to the Department of Education to report my college experience.

Our meeting will address specific requests, which include the discussion of backlash I have received last semester. Gaslighting and intimidation happened by the veterans services coordinator, which according to Aristotle is unethical and unwarranted.

A disabled veteran has the right to their privacy, which has been breached several times according to complaints from other veterans on campus. As an advocate for future transfers, I want to open a new path to civilian adjustment when conflict arises.

Uncovering the truth through research is the best defense for creating resolution. The truth is often hidden in plain sight and the student receives backlash for accommodations.

The exchange between students grows into a hostile learning environment and the veteran with a mental health diagnosis comes out the loser.

There is a mechanism for resolution here at Outpost 422.

Please join our mission. We are bringing cultural incongruity awareness to the University of Wisconsin through POW MIA inclusion.

As a collective bargain, we will face cultural incongruity with an open-door policy and access to a Veterans Affairs social worker in times of distress. Veterans deserve a quality of life allowing them success on campus.

The POW MIA are treated as the highest authority. We collaborate and publish the issue of bringing closure to families as a means for inclusion.

All Americans are afflicted by the POW MIA issue. Simply pledge to publish at least one item in remembrance of missing servicemembers left abroad. Fill out the contact form if you would like to be a contributor or post your contributions on the Outpost 422 Facebook page.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater can change the adversarial campus climate by a simple choice to build unity through POW MIA inclusion—the highest honor amongst all who served.

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