Outpost 422 CEO UW-W Delta Alpha Pi presidential candidate announcement

Burt, Bradley J, Sr

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Mon 10/17/2022 11:54 AM


I am announcing my candidacy for president and will provide you with a video format I have trademarked through my college capstone class project called Outpost 422.

As the president, I will advocate for what I am currently lobbying for as the CEO of the Outpost 422 registered trademark. I am lobbying for a unilateral testing and proctoring method for those who deal with trauma informed and brain injuries. And I am asking whenever a professor escalates a situation through diabolical rhetoric found in microaggressions, we be excused from all class participation and examinations for 72-hours for panic attack de-escalation.

The other item I am advocating for is a low light room for all to use as a chaplain confessional opportunity when dealing with PTSD from social isolation. I am currently working with the Whitewater Student Government president arranging these accommodations for myself.

I would like all who work with CSD receive the same privileges as combat vets. As your president and brand owner, I will abide by shared governance policies and create open channels of communication for students with disabilities who deal with aggressive proctoring and lecture methods. I will send you a video this week for my candidacy announcement.


Bradley J. Burt

CEO Outpost 422
Congressional Advocate-POW MIA Federal Capstone Lobby

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