The Hell is Warm on the Homefront Sacred Warrior journey started through the Madison College Launch Your Business branding course

In 2019, after fumbling the baton with the second Madison College Challenge, a class project in 2022 reconnected the experience. The Mindset for Success branding journal reflection shares the story:
Take this  “Creating Your Personal Brand” LinkedIn course through Madison College Learn and then:
  • Tell me 5 things you found important,
  • Take a screen shot of your Completion Certificate and include/attach it for full credit.
  • Add it to your LinkedIn profile if you have one.
Go to – LinkedIn Learning @ Madison College if you are a first-time user of this tool/resource.
This assignment correlates with Outcome #4:  Investigate how social media may influence our personal branding

Shayna and Scott were my mentors. They are my guides. The Linked In video reassured me of the truths about branding. Too little too late. When I began using social media, I was unemployed and dealing with PTSD.

Social media has always appeared as a tabloid. Now, I realize the power of viral campaigning, which is the subject for inspection.

The five things I found important were value, vanity, vintage, volume, and voyeur. The value of your content on social media builds vanity. Vanity manifests through the algorithm. Artificial intelligence markets the meta of the end user, which attracts them to your brand.

This is a mistake as a branded journalist. Bootstrapping is my passion. The vintage factor of our digital footprint could cost us a viral campaign.

The market is flooded with bots. You are competing with the sniffers more than your consumer on YouTube. Keywords build brands based on reputation, which is the vintage factor.

Volume is regulated through analytics. If a person spams too much, the bots flag the brand’s account. I learned this with Facebook business. Analytics drives the campaign. The voyeur is your potential customer who frequents your page but doesn’t stay very long. Collaboratively, the social media community drives the brand.

I was unable to take the quizzes. I have provided a copy of my brand for future use with students. The brand started out in the Practicum 1 course and is the entry to the Madison College Challenge.

Please pass onto Jill for her inspection. My show is being branded through my brand as a specific communications research brand and will be privatizing the VA.

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