Nightbringers Review 2019

“Nightbringers(2018)” by The Black Dahlia Murder 

        As one might gather, another Black Dahlia Murder album was introduced to the masses known as “Nightbringers(2018).”  The abysmal riffage that takes the listener through a detailed maze of gothic chugs and orchestral remonstrances awakens the mind through the selection of professional dark artistic engineering of the Black Dahlia Murder finished product, which can be heard throughout Nightbringers, that is the epitome of what a death metal production should sound like.  

       This masterpiece of macabre and malevolence starts out as a quick picking arrangement with colorful speed harmonies.  The Black Dahlia Murder fills my ears with symphonies of grounding when I am in a state of Post-traumatic crippling panic.  I reach out to Spotify in these times after excusing myself from the situation to find solitude through PTSD Coach App that walks me through my headphones listening to Nightbringers.

       Spotify is a free service for college students that combines with Hulu for a small five dollar fee.  I tune into the Black Dahlia Murder at school to help me stay focused on the mission to keep my stress condition under control.  Stress triggers manifest like a whispering succubus at first, like heard with the monstrous double bass heard throughout this epic saga of brutal percussive blasts, conjuring of guitar wizardry, through sacrifugal rolling solos of inundated effigy and mastery of double bass ass kicking pyre.   I have developed a breathing mechanism in times of panic into with the beat thanks to Spotify and Nightbringers through PTSD Coach App grounding strategies.  Pulling yourself in during a crippling panic attack is met by a cathartic recalling of the event that leads me into knowing I can walk through the moment hearing the double bass mechanics develop my breathing.

      The Black Dahlia Murder is my form of warrior catharsis that keeps me grounded at the moment.  When the moment becomes overwhelmingly difficult, I call for A10 Warthog 10th Mountain Lightfighter support during my times of fight or flight, which I find therapeutic through the developing mechanisms the Black Dahlia Murder delivers me through this song when I am too overwhelmed with emotion.  Death metal takes me out of the moment and reels me into a dystopian art that can be successfully navigated with the savage beastly conquering tunes of the Black Dahlia Murder for PTSD moments.  Hypervigilance happens quick.  You can count on Nightbringers to bring you back to thoughts of clarity and safety.  Download the PTSD Coach App and reach out to the operators at the Veteran Crisis Line.  They helped me and will help you as well.

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