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Entombed-“Left Hand Path (1991)” Colossal ‘90s Epic Ending Review

            One of the pinnacle masterpiece Swedish ’90s touring bands who came to Green Bay, WI was Entombed.  Hearing “Left Hand Path” takes me back to the days of my youth spent studying the Necronomicon, listening to this song to summon demons, and to play ghost Scooby Doo at High Cliff State Park in fall, which was the same place we would listen to this entire album with poked-hole-soda-cans, some burning of the earth, while playing hacky sack to the setting of the autumn Viking sunsets.  Being a ’90s kid in Appleton, WI and seeing Entombed play at the City Center with Mike Fleury running sound was by far one of my best childhood memories as a death metal drummer at Appleton West High School.  Fish was an integral part of the sound when we witnessed their European beer drinking piss drunk backstage sessions in Green Bay, WI.

I equate Fish’s running of City Center sound in comparison to my writing and reviewing a section of a YouTube video that sets the groundwork by mapping out a brainstorm.  Mike Fleury was the mechanic who precisely articulated how your percussion would sound.  This takes me back to my days playing with Sufferance that was abruptly ended by some dystopian rebuttal aimed at something personal that started at High Cliff State Park and ended at City Center leaving me to join the Army.

None-the-less, Mike Fleury played his part in staying the conversationalist he loved to be.  Fish always took my hardships in laughter at Studio East, banging my head on the lights.  My dad had recently passed and thought getting myself back out playing would grieve my loss that led to after bar blackout rides on Oak Street when I was newly separated.  Mike Fleury and I hung out every weekend and just did the “well I guess one more won’t hurt” shaking of bar dice we would manage to somehow end up.

I am writing a tribute to the man who ran the controls the night in ’92 when this song was heard live by my ears for the first time. Entombed was a band from Sweden, whose influence developed the death metal guitar sound engineering of the ‘90s Blue Jay Bowl and Apple Emporium Generation. Despite any indifference bands ever had back then really bears not a penny of weight on the fact all who came from the era of excellence and original musicianship ironclad that can be prolific haunting tones recalled and relished in several of today’s death metal influences.

Please take now this moment and listen from 4:20 to the end, I call “the Colossal Epic Ending” I relate to my youth.  Thank you, Michael, “Fish “Fleury for just being you.

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