OutPost 422 is Getting Developed by the Madison College Challenge Business Launch Program

This is so surreal. We had to do online workshops for Intro to Comm-B for UW Madison and grade each other’s projects. OutPost 422 was developed through this class that started out as Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC. I am pitching Madison College Truax to veterans and displaying my Entrepreneurship business writing and Journalism Practicum showcase articles to create a blog fundraising business. We are writing about the issues the DAV, the VFW, and the American Legion Public Relations tend to shy away from. We are not afraid. We are the ones who have used the Veterans Crisis Line and lived who are telling our story. We are the 4:22 Chronicles—Scorn Valor Diaries.

I met a unique and vocally opinionated classmate like me in Comm-B for UW Madison that loved to argue over cell phone addiction. She feels the same about how veterans are being treated and gave me great tips on how to develop my business. I shrugged it off because of our age gap and realized my ego got in the way again.

My classmate won second place for the Madison College Challenge was one of the people who graded my Op-ed for Veteran Suicide APA. We will be merging our efforts to end veteran suicide through a six-week business brainstorm class through the Center for Entrepreneurship. We bumped into each other in the hall last week and talked about my VA VITAL mission and is taking the same business launching class as I am on May 24th.

Congrats Ardita on second place and am looking forward to developing our classroom business plans. I did not go to school to be an entrepreneur. I did it to end veteran suicide through my 2018 submission “Operation Restore Americana” that teaches homeless and displaced veterans how to be agriculture vendors and farmers. We are launching at the Department Convention and will enter OutPost 422 as a communications operation at the Madison College Challenge in 2020—my campaign against Mark Pocan.

I am using my college wisely and thank you all for more than just a diploma. I have a membership to assist tribes through NAC thanks to Anthropology, GM of Broadcast for the Clarion, a good grip on sophistry and dialect on how to bullshit people into believing I learned stuff, OP422 branding, UW Applied Research Hemp Processor Practicum record keeping as an adjutant, Irontek in Beloit, MCDC Class project, and Watchdog 101 from the Center of Investigative Journalism as a result of your tax dollar.

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