Outpost 422 Clarion Broadcast to End Veteran Suicide

Outpost 422 VA VITAL Veteran Mission to Raise Funds for a Memorial at Peace Park in Madison, WI.

By Bradley J. Burt-GM of Broadcast

The Misson: As we approach our fall semester, I am taking on the task of raising awareness of veteran suicide by being the Clarion Radio Broadcast General Manager to share the great opportunities Madison College offers veterans through the Veterans Integration To Academic Leadership Program. VITAL is the reward for completing Cognitive Processing Therapy treatment after receiving an intake referral from the Veterans Crisis Line.  The Outpost 422 broadcast will feature combative strategies to overcome the spectrum of Post Traumatic Disorder through the narration of the PTSD Coach app.  For more information regarding VITAL, click on the link found here: https://www.nyharbor.va.gov/services/vital.asp

The SITREP: As a student who is faced with disabilities, I am presented with situations that leave me with the inability to share my struggles with professors at times. I rely on the A10 Warthog known as “PTSD Coach App” in situations that require me to step out of class and collect myself.  My question to all of you is, “how many of us even know the PTSD Coach app exists, and what do we as a student body do to be supportive in the classroom to accommodate?”

The Outpost 422 Medium DevelopmentClarion Radio Link for broadcast /http://www.clarionradio.com/ Tune in and find out how we as a student body can be proactive when veterans become overwhelmed in times of crisis.  We will be going out on remote broadcasts as Outpost 422 to raise PTSD Coach awareness and will recap through Facebook and WordPress at www.Outpost422.com.

Jacob Clary’s #Fight22 Mission in Kansas will be a part of the show. Jacob “the Oncoming Storm” is the featured warrior who uses MMA to combat transitional struggles. Writing journalism features for Jacob as a team has helped me overcome my fear of writing academically.

The Dilemma: Being a veteran enrolled in the Journalism Certificate Program was something I stumbled upon that has helped me develop an opportunity to serve the student body as the VA VITAL veteran voice.  As a graduate from the VITAL program, I believe our campus leads the way that offers the VITAL program on-site, which offers strategies for our combat veterans, available to those who seek VA services while enrolled in school.

            Outpost 422 was a project created in the “Launch Your Business Program” this summer that opened me to branding and product development.  “The Madison College Challenge” catapulted me into writing prototypes that have been my mechanism to treating my condition with fast-writes and brainstorms.  We write stories as a nonprofit medium who features Jacob Clary as one of our survivor stories. We are a benefit to end veteran suicide through the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade. Our mission is to teach veterans coping mechanisms when dealing with situations where “the Oncoming Storm” seeks to defeat us. Jacob hosts his MMA fighting in Kansas and can be found here:


The uniqueness of Outpost 422 as a broadcast will seek to share all the bits of information Madison College has to offer and will be a submission for the Madison College Challenge in 2020 to seek the grand prize of $5,000 to request an Outpost 422 monument be placed at Peace Park by our members of the Madison Common Council, the members of American Legion Post 501, and my hosting prospecting post called “the 422nd Rescue and Recovery Brigade State Street Mission.”

Our mission through entrepreneurship and journalism is to create an outreach to end veteran suicide.  What can you expect from our broadcast this year will be an in-depth Student Senate report, veteran interviews, UW Madison and UW Whitewater veteran transfer information, Dryhootch and VA VITAL writing club opportunities, along with some Op-ed debate with our guests who sign up to argue how to end veteran suicide.

I look forward to a great year serving you as the Clarion Radio Broadcast General Manager and hope you will all tune-in to check up on Student Senate issues.  We are creating a format to develop Practicum Ad Hoc Shared Governance reporting and look forward to sharing with all of you the weekly Student Senate news report.

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