Buck it Up Bucky—You’re in for Alotta Push ups Today!—the 2019 Camp Randall Opener

by Bradley J. Burt

10th Mountain Salute to the colors for those who are still fighting in Afghanistan. Also a big huge shout out to my biggest fan who scored us these sweet tickets to see my first Badger game. Although UW Whitewater is my transfer school, I am pursuing the UW Madison Journalism Practicum Writing Certificate at Madison College. This semester is kicking off with a lot of great gifts and perks for using both schools to transition as a disabled veteran.

After coming to realize what feature journalism writing is, I am turning this project over the Wisconsin American Legion Press Association to create a blogger fundraiser coverage for veterans. Today’s game starts the pursuit to develop “Rucksack Journalism.” We are a community watchdog program to assist at-risk veterans become scholars through the VA VITAL Program at Madison College.

We are embarking on a Capstone Journalism journey to develop veterans into academic blog writers. Today’s Badger game featured a melee of epic opportunities to create and generate ideas for blogs.

35,000 Red fans raging over a football was today’s feature. I sat back and studied the well-trained Badger fans who wore red. The student body at UW Madison was the in-group, and of course, we were the out-group. But, are we really? Who funds scholarships? Who makes it possible for a decrepit old veteran like me to become a UW Royal Purple and Capitol Capstone Journalist? The out-group. Reason being? The crowd was dominated by what the student body said we ought to do when we started the wave. The out-group did not understand why the in-group needed to chant profanity back-and-forth. Studying humans through then lens of Philosophy proves one key element is most certainly true. Being a Journalist takes yourself out of the situation to study what the hip thing is to do and captures it through the painting of words, like Bob Ross, that teaches PTSD Veterans a new coping and development strategy.

Fortunately, the Practicum UW Madison Journalism Certificate Program has given me a profound respect for our Philanthropists who donate to keep the Madison College UW Transfer Programs funded at the University. We are grateful you are adopting 10th Mountain platoons deployed to Afghanistan at Madison College. I look forward to reviewing more games as the season continues in search of football players who are veterans on the team.

Bucking A’ Bucky Did a Bunch of Push ups Today!

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