Outpost 422 Practicum Launch—09/12/2019


To: Practicum Instructor

From: Bradley Burt

Date: 09/22/19

RE: Workload Proposal

     Introduction: After spending the entire summer preparing for the Fall 2019 Semester, I have decided to utilize Practicum writing to help my fellow Veterans of the State of Wisconsin pursue the Journalism Certificate Program to become vloggers for a program I am piloting called, “Outpost 422.”  Practicum 1 helped knock the advocacy writing out of me that led to writing several opinion pieces.  The one piece that sticks out the most I am mainly looking to focus on was the APA I wrote for my final for Intro to Mass Communications, which utilizes crowdsourcing through WordPress to feature Veterans.  As a Veteran who has been treated for my untreated combat injuries through the Veterans Integration Transitional Academic Leadership Program at Truax Campus, I feel it is my duty to enlist as many Veterans as I can to pass on the baton or Practicum writing as a means of therapy.  Feature writing has improved my mental health.  Being published last semester quickly turned my condition around and am investing in the Journalism Certificate Program as an American Legion Service Officer who serves on the Wisconsin American Legion Press Association and the Wisconsin Department of the American Legion as a future member of the Suicide Awareness Committee.

     I am creating an Ad Hoc Reporter, which is a Watchdog Journalist who establishes a link of communications between Capitol Law Enforcement and Student Senate when our school has an active shooter situation. UW Parkside recently had a Veteran commit suicide in the parking lot and wrote my argument for Intro to Mass Communications around a piece by the Washington Post titled, “the Parking Lot Suicides.”  My project for Practicum 2 is to develop crowdsourcing and WordPress outreach for struggling Veterans who can connect with UW Madison and UW Whitewater VITAL Capstone Journalism Writers at the UW when the Veteran becomes overwhelmed, or in the event of an Active Shooter, organize a Quick Reactionary Force to converge and guard our classrooms through Vlogging footage. 

     Media organization: The joint venture Media organization will be between the Badger Legionnaire and the Clarion to develop Outpost 422 as a shared governance communications fundraising Veteran Vlogging Check Point prototype to assist VITAL Veterans at Madison College successfully develop and meet the expectations the UW has for them as our intern writers.  Our interns will develop a sense of importance of shared governance by attending Student Senate meetings and reporting the news through the Outpost 422 broadcast.  American Legion Post 501 of Madison, WI has graciously offered to allow us to use their hall on Dempsey Road to work with the Veterans who take over the program after I finish the 2019-2020 program.  My plan is to pilot a blog journalism program to teach Veterans how to Vlog for the Outpost 422 broadcast and serve the Wolfpack as a remote broadcast during Veteran events.  Our goal is to raise funds through WordPress to end Veteran suicide in support of the Department of Veterans Affairs Zero Veteran Suicide Initiative.  We are also developing a prototype to continuously serve our recently adopted 10th Mountain Division Platoon.  The “Outpost” is for the 10th Mountain adopt-a-platoon and the 422 is for Veterans who enter VA VITAL from Building 22 at the Madison VA. I am one of those Veterans and am utilizing my Practicum 2 to help distribute the weight to those who enter the Wolfpack returning from war.

     Practicum focus: Throughout the Fall Semester of 2019, we will be linking up all aspects of the Clarion staff into one Vlogging outlet at www.Outpost422.com.  Each week on Monday from 1:30 to 2:30pm, we will be tracking our progress through our live broadcast, which will eventually be recorded to capture the lens of Madison College Veterans.  For the entire Fall 2019 Semester, I will be taking Social Media Writing at Madison College where the website will develop into an outreach for the entire state of Wisconsin Moderated and Administered by me for the remainder of the program’s existence.  Outpost 422 is my own personal documentary story that will be a survivor manual for VITAL Veterans and am asking the American Legion to sponsor the program by linking the Badger Legionnaire to the Clarion through the website portal.  All staff members will be writing for the 10th Mountain Division who is deployed in Afghanistan and will link up at Peace Park in Madison, WI to meet and greet Veterans between UW Madison and Madison College. 

     My focus with my Practicum 2 pilot is to incorporate all aspects of Backpack Journalism into one medium source.  Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Order and the Uniformed Code of Military Justice share a unique common bond that I discovered once I became and American Legion official.  Piloting a UW Capstone Veteran feature writing program will increase morale by and large between Veterans and those serving in Afghanistan.  What I envision is the Madison College Truax campus hosting silent auctions and key figure speakers at the Mitby Theater. The focus is to pilot a Vlogger program through internship sponsorship to develop combat Veterans with PTSD that will give their unique perspective through interview and blogging for the UW Health graduate students to study.  I have spoken with Paul Rickert at the Madison VA who has given me his blessing in hopes we can end the 22 Veteran per day suicide statistic by boosting morale in the combat zone.  Those who graduate Outpost 422 Capstone Writing through the UW will be offered opportunities to pursue drone journalism upon transfer, which will be my UW Whitewater Capstone transfer program next.

     Practicum goals: My number one Practicum goal is to create an assembly of Veterans who indirectly assist other Veterans.  The American Legion will assist with organizing fundraising and will be turning Practicum 2 portfolio over to the Wisconsin American Legion Press Association as a prototype to develop the Badger Legionnaire digital presence at the post level.  Service Officers can submit articles, but not many do.  Developing a digital presence will help keep the cost of print down and will be a prototype for nonprofit organizations to follow and develop through the Social Media Writing Course at Madison College. 

     Time management: The Practicum work will be done Mondays from 1:30 to 3:30p and Thursdays from 10a to 6p.  Every Friday will be spent at Tellurian Detox Facility between 8:00 to 10:00p assisting with crisis intake.  The requirement for the internship is to assist with homeless Vets.  The Veteran will meet with the American Legion for their assignment.

Conclusion: The Workload Proposal Report will be posted to the WordPress account for branding authenticity as an Academic Philanthropy Program with the express consent of the fundraising board between the Madison College and Wisconsin American Legion Press Association bylaws a nonprofit Vlogging and fundraising crowdsourcing entity to assist the 10th Mountain Division adopt-a-platoon, Madison College VA VITAL, and Department of Veterans Affairs Zero Veteran Suicide Mission be maintained by both the intern and the Practicum Professor as a UW Madison, UW Whitewater, and UW Extension means to end Veteran suicide.

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