Vietnam War Love Letter Unearthed from Foot Locker—the Combat Crucible

July 27, 1969

Dear my lovely Roxy Foxx,

Today was overwhelming at the outpost. We spent the entire night fighting off the approaching enemy advancing our position. My photo of you in my pocket keeps me strong and even though we are miles apart, you are always with me. The days of the war are ongoing with being cooped up in the bunker. As we await our orders each day, we hear the war will end soon.

Our home front has become restless. The endless protests litter our streets as monuments collapse and fall. Our love will never fall. We are together as one unified soul under the milky way at night. We meet each other under our tree and collect our faith we will meet again when I return home.

I want you to know the world is my ocean of calming tide when you are in my arms. I know how happy we are when we are in communion with each other in meditation. Sadly, the bombs send shock waves through the jungle and my hand shakes when I write to you. My determination to return home to you holds my convictions true to our love.

The streetlights in America are growing dim with protests from what I hear. How are you holding up? I pray every time I see your pretty face in your picture you are safe. You will always be safe in my arms. Being a soldier on the frontline leaves a lasting imprint on humanity. Right now, we return home to our Capitol filled with vandalized monuments and are not feeling loved. We get spit on at airports and shunned at the coffee shop.

None of that matters to me. All that matters is that we meet each other each day in gratitude and rest assured that when the war is over, we will be together forever. I hope you will write to me soon. I adore your love letters and am determined to survive this war to see you again. May you always be right here in my arms until then. You are my soul-searching purpose to be a better man each day. We are the future of humanity. Our mission is to radiate love and light in times of peril and hate. I love you times Brazilian.

Cpl. Bob Cobb

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