University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Royal Purple advertising team builds half-page ad to honor Lieutenant Volk’s 70th year still missing

Outpost 422 enlists Royal Purple Advertising Manager Logan Komprood to create half-page ad honoring Lieutenant Jerome A. Volk for POW MIA Recognition Day 2021.

UW Whitewater Communication majors come together to honor Lieutenant Jerome A. Volk for POW MIA Recognition Day on September 17, 2021.

Komprood and his team developed concepts centered around building a multimedia convergent campaign.

COVID-19 created a newsgathering method to relay newsworthy information between viewers and reporters.

The pandemic required journalists to rely on social media to write stories, which developed the concept for the campaign.

Komprood and his team built the interactive ad to enlist viewers as supporters.

The campaign incorporates the participation of citizen journalists, social media subscribers, email newsletters and a team of developers who works to bring home Lieutenant Volk.

The campaign will last for 18 months to collect archive, interview the Department of Defense, collaborate with the University of Wisconsin Missing-in-action Recovery and Identification Project and raise funds to expedite recovery of information to create a data driven Capstone piece for public affairs.

The current dilemma in Wisconsin stems from the lethargic allocation of funds by State Senate oversight committees.

In 2021, committee members allocated funds from the passage of Senate Bill 446 to the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. As of July, the funds were not distributed.

The UW MIA Recovery and Identification Project will team up with Outpost 422 to stimulate the program by creating a prudent reserve. The program centrally focuses on locating Wisconsin POW MIA with a proven track record of recovering three servicemembers per annual funds.

Charles Konsitzke, Associate Director of the UW Biotechnology Center and UW MIA Recovery and Identification Project Team Lead, indicated his program funding was depleted to $11,000 as a result of delayed funds in an interview.

The funds allocated to the UW MIA Recovery and Identification Project total $360,000. The program is a statewide university recovery mission that sits idle until funds are distributed.

The Outpost 422 team of convergent campaign participants raises funds to stimulate state POW MIA programs that remain under funded.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Royal Purple newspaper published ad seeks to raise $50,000 to launch project.



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