University of Wisconsin-Whitewater advertising major shares his experience with creating the Royal Purple POW MIA Recognition Day ad commemorating Volk’s 70th year still missing

On August 4, 2021, the email went out to place an ad with the Royal Purple to recognize POW MIA Recognition Day.

The email was answered with cheerful enthusiasm and a can-do attitude to accept the task to create an ad, which connects with viewership, who centrally focus on locating crash site documents, who also contribute to the Outpost 422 Capstone investigation.

The finished product turned out a professional and highly detailed product. The finished ad not only featured the launch of the investigation to locate Wisconsin MIA Lieutenant Jerome Aloys Volk, but historically converged advertising with soft news feature writing because of new methods of reporting from the pandemic.              

Royal Purple Advertising Manager Logan Komprood worked tirelessly over the course of the month of August to not only meet the publishing deadline but handle all communications through WebEx interview and emails to bring the project to life.

The project could not launch without the help of Komprood’s team, which consisted of two other people—Royal Purple Advisor Dr. Keith Zukas and Lead Graphic Designer Aaron Holliday. Together, all parties created a memorable ad gaining awareness for Wisconsin POW MIA through their contribution and support.

Advertising Manager for the Royal Purple Logan Komprood, shares his experience designing, leading, learning and developing the vision for the Fall 2021 semester ad campaign recognizing the contribution the POW MIA provide for American freedom.

70 years Not Forgotten—The Logan Komprood Interview

Q: Can you share your demographic details like name, major and favorite course, city or town you graduated high school from, some background from that town, etc.?

A: My name is Logan Komprood, I am a Communications major and I would like to work in the advertising and marketing field. I am from Janesville, WI which is known for its many parks and chain restaurants.

Q: What did you like most about creating and working on the Lieutenant Volk ad?

I loved listening to the stories about Lieutenant Volk and learning the real purpose behind the ad for him.

Q: What did you learn anything or discover as a team member?

A: It was my first ad that I got to work with, so it was a great learning experience to begin my semester.

Q: Was there a special moment you had or a specific memory from working on this project you would like to share with blog readers?

A: Working one on one with Bradley Burt was a great moment because it allowed me to fully understand what the ad should look like and include.

Q: Is there anything I missed or something you would like to open minds with viewers about regarding veterans or family members who served?

A: I believe that it is important that we gain awareness for those that have served especially those who have lost their lives. They did so much for all of us and making others aware of this gives them the recognition that they deserve.

Together, We Can Bring Him Home—the Outpost 422 Campaign Strategy

The campaign launches on September 17, 2021 at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  The 18-month campaign seeks to raise $50,000 to converge all University of Wisconsin campuses to support the efforts of the UW MIA Recovery and Identification Project.

  • The blogs will reach a global audience indirectly affecting North Korean foreign dignitaries through viral strategic planning.
  • Once the $50,000 goal is reached, the next phase will seek $250,000 annually to request permission from North Korea to send Investigative Journalism majors on-site to report the progress of locating Lieutenant Volk.
  • The ad created by Komprood’s team launches a diversity and inclusivity campaign through convergent cooperation on social media, which recognize the need to continuously stimulate and organize the University of Wisconsin Missing-in-action Recovery and Identification Project on all campuses.
  • A committee of corporations who adopt the mission will assemble a corporate citizenship to fund the inclusivity campaign recognizing the efforts of the POW MIA as a qualifier for 501 c 4 tax deductibility.


Your generous contributions will help retain attorneys, accountants, establish an ad hoc committee who meets with the Department of Defense and the UW MIA Recovery Identification Project, and will continuously fund the mission for the duration of 18-months. Thank you, Logan Komprood, for your time and energy. Your effort will not be forgotten. Together, we can bring him home.

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