The Jaded Patriot Reflection: Democracy dies when veterans neglect their Constitutional advocacy

Creative Non-fiction Sample for Creative Writing:

The following reflection is the first of the series for the Outpost 422 creative writing workshops.

The project was a class freestyle creative non-fiction writing assignment for Madison College where Outpost 422 launched.

Now, the Outpost 422 readjustment research project is teaming up with Phi Theta Kappa assisting those dealing with pandemic readjustment.

The next phase of the Outpost 422 journey seeks organizing a mobile empowerment outreach and writer’s club through the help of the honors society. 

The Jaded Patriot Reflection: Democracy dies when veterans neglect their Constitutional advocacy

As a member and witness of the disabled veteran community, I view at Outpost 422 the horror on the horizon quickly overrunning America.

What I see is fear and loathing amongst veterans turning on one another through a divide and conquer mentality competing over VA treatment. The VA refugees have evolved from drifters to a jaded patriot community.

Their egomania has them lost at sea in the system of VA bureaucracy.

The Veterans Administration has programmed Post 9/11 veterans believing they are the industrious breed.

Those who did not serve in the opioid cash crop wars are now becoming lost in the trenches of the home front hell of untreated PTSD. The War on Terror was the mask of sophistry orchestrated by the Bush Administration.

Dick Cheney’s Haliburton, the first corporate citizen, sent our warriors through the gauntlet of experimentation carried out by VA case studies. Hydrocodone nearly killed me.

For two years, I lived in the sea of zombification, while Post 9/11 servicemembers fought for “freedom” harvesting poppy for pain management. Now they shun all of us from the Somalia War era and our need for readjustment treatment.

I waited for two decades for the VA to concede I had post-war trauma telling me the Post 9/11 regime took priority and denied me a chance to recover. My jaded patriot view stems from civilian readjustment outlined in my reflection.

Challenging Stuck Points: 10:12 a.m. Sunday September 25, 2022, Madison, Wis.—I sit here pondering writing what words to say in today’s self-reflection diary. The college dream turned out to be a horror movie. The professors and Greek society push veterans out of the classroom at the university. The community college greets us with unity and diversity.

Why can’t the university see past their fallacy? We live in a world where the college classroom is half empty. What happens when you speak up? You become a liability. The non-essential platform of the second tiered student, ran by the prudent, dictated by the warlocks and witches of the eccentrics, want the jaded patriots on campus to stand down and cower.

We are your tower at Outpost 422. We are watching out for you like guardian angels covered in armor. We are the sentinels standing up for the Constitution. We are hellbent to end the socialist media pollution riddling our children with perversion.

Aversion, commonly practiced by the next generation, groomed by Mark Zuckerberg’s disinformation. Why can’t we as a nation find unity? I see no comfort in oppression. The people of starvation being cleaned out by Joe Biden and his dereliction.

Community standards took away our rights and now we war and fight like programmed idiots turning down the opportunity for equal rights by endorsing conflict race theory. Oppression does not end oppression. Only tyranny wages war. We are in the maze of colonization. The jaded patriots will awaken the nation with truth and fidelity.

Fear and loathing as a pandemic refugee during Gonzo-19 

The dishonesty of the Veterans of Foreign Wars robs me of my right to speak up. They continue to disenfranchise my platform. They challenge you and their community to endorse their fraud requesting money for programs like the Wounded Warrior Project who proselytize their cause.

What about those who deal with readjustment PTSD and those who cannot use the VA? Surely there must be a way out of trauma bonding from tyrants who gaslight their enlisted like what happened to me by First Sergeant Raymond Salinas of the 10th Mountain Division. He rode me every day and turned the world against me.

He is responsible for my success. What about yours? Who is your driver/oppressor? We all have one. That’s where we meet in unity as pandemic refugees.

The jaded patriot diary reflection projects the jaded patriot vision of what life looks like as a non-essential member of post-secondary education. May we as a nation reflect upon where we are headed next.

The jaded patriots ride their laptops in the classroom uploading their intellectual property into the Oracle data scraping search engine. The algorithm feasts on creativity sucking the life out of those who were once free from the tyranny of the oligarchs. Art is their only reprieve.

The Constitution bled dry by community standards by a peeping Tom who attended Harvard. Now he holds the cards believing he is God and that humans are his corporate commodity.

We are all bound by the algorithm and corporations tote their agenda through social responsibility rewards programs we think are saving us money. Our time and talent converted into binary code. The time for unity is now.

The awakening is upon us. Stand tall and be the American you are capable of being. Looking back on the Sunday reflection, I realize those who were once my friends are now my enemies.

Their jaded patriotism and view towards me as a disabled veteran slap my face and feel the grimace of disgrace watching their news feed. The algorithm is the plague destroying humanity. The slap is a wakeup call we need unity now more than ever.

Namastamos. Be well on your journey.

-The Jaded Patriot Press Collective Lobby

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