Independent Study 498: Outpost 422 tackles building a private care list of mandated reporters and chaplains through ‘Hell is Warm on the Homefront’ virtual confessional service

PRESS RELEASE—On Thursday September 29, 2022, Hell is Warm on the Homefront launched through the Madison College Clarion Radio server.

The show airs Thursdays from 11-12 p.m. CDT.

The show tackles how to escape and evade a toxic situation with someone who is using dark psychology for deceitful reasons.

The introduction provides peer-reviewed research provided on the Facebook page. The confession and absolution reveal the variables from both introspect and retrospect.

The workshop provides a guided tour between multiple social media and podcast platforms for on-air listeners who are stuck marching through the unfamiliar path of ambivalence.

The virtual confessional helps those stuck in trauma bonding and addiction decide if they need help and where to find resources.

Collectively, we pass on the information to those who need it and develop a new form of mandated reporting and a virtual confessional service.

Outpost 422 will continue developing the mandated reporting format over the upcoming weeks sharing a convergent media concept that brand owners can use when conveying ideology to their followers.

Convergent media collaborates all forms of communication between print samples and documentary embedded information found in blog hyperlinks. The reporting for Outpost 422 happens at the Jaded Patriot Press.

The confessional news gathering happens at Hell is Warm on the Homefront, which is a service provided by our Autumn Landmine Productions philanthropy investments firm through our Sacred Warrior Fellowship Inc. 501 c 3 corporate social responsibility storyboarding center at Outpost 422.

We are tackling moral injury and keeping communities safe through the development of the independent study workshops.

As a collective, we overcome impossibility by awakening those stuck in post-military and post-pandemic readjustment quicksand navigate their way out.


Respectfully Submitted,

Bradley J. Burt

CEO-Outpost 422/Hell is Warm on the Homefront



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